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Stalin Lives

The Soviet dictator died six decades ago. But Russians have yet to say farewell.

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The Kenya Puzzle

In Kenya, progress and dysfunction go hand in hand.

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Putin Declares War on Sleaze

Vladimir Putin is vowing to make a dent in the eternal Russian problem of corruption. Skepticism is warranted.

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Venezuela’s New Era

Venezuelans are contemplating the possibility of a new life without Hugo Chávez. But can the existing system continue in the absence of its creator?

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Free Trade or Penalty-Free Crime?

Free Trade Zones are meant to promote trade and improve economies. But they often end up being a cover for crime.

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The End of Ukraine’s Balancing Act

Ukraine has long faced a choice: Should it cast its lot with Russia or the European Union? 2013 is shaping up to be the year Kyiv finally decides. The first in our series of Lab Reports.

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Rowdies with a Cause

How a bunch of soccer fans became the Muslim Brotherhood’s worst nightmare.

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We Have No Idea if Africa Is Rising

The rise of African economies has been a big subject of debate for FP contributors. But where are they getting their numbers?

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The Political Afterlife of Hugo Chavez

Hugo Chávez has left a profound mark on Venezuela. But how much of his legacy will remain when he’s gone?

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Daniel Ortega’s Reality Check

Nicaragua’s president is the latest Latin American populist to flirt with the market. But his political risks are high.


The Midlife Crisis of Bangladesh

Bangladeshis want a reckoning with their bloody past. But can they do it without partisanship?


What Africa Did Right in 2012

Africans are getting better at finding their own solutions to African problems.

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Don’t Rush to Judgment on Georgia

The new Georgian government's arrests of oppositionists have critics crying foul. But they should let justice run its course.


Stop Talking About Civil Society

Using terms like "civil society" is a distraction from the real problems in authoritarian countries. 

Can You Save Diplomacy From Itself?

Carne Ross's quixotic crusade to help emerging nations get their seat at the table.