Supporters of U.S. President Donald Trump

Democracy Is Still Not Safe in the United States

Recreating democratic values means ditching the excuse of tradition.

Members of the Cameroonian Gendarmerie patrol in the Omar Bongo Square of Cameroon's majority Anglophone Southwest province capital Buea on Oct. 3, 2018.

Cameroon’s Government Is Deceiving the West While Diverting Foreign Aid

Paul Biya’s regime is ignoring the battle against Boko Haram and the Islamic State and using foreign counterterrorism assistance to fund its brutal repression of citizens with legitimate grievances.

A mother and child walk past a destroyed car in a small town on the main highway near Buea on May 11, 2019.  The location is one of many residential areas that now sit empty as residents flee to the main city of Buea or into the deep tropical forests after violence in the region.

Paul Biya Is Offering Cameroon’s Anglophones Too Little, Too Late

The Cameroonian government is seeking to implement a 1996 law it refused to enact for over two decades. The policy represents a fig leaf, not genuine decentralization, and will not resolve a crisis of Biya’s own making.

Jean Adukwei Mensa, Chairperson of the Electoral Commission of Ghana, receives the nomination forms of President Nana Akufo-Addo for the 2020 presidential election in Accra on Oct. 6.

For Ghana’s Democracy to Thrive, Citizens Need to Engage

Surveys show Ghanaians have an opportunity to place much more pressure on their representatives than they currently do.

Young activists and supporters of U.S. President-elect Joe Biden gather and dance on Black Lives Matter Plaza just outside the White House on Nov. 4.

Our Top Weekend Reads

America’s democracy demotion, U.N. peacemaking in the age of plague, and Biden’s Putin challenge.

Representative Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) stands with dozens of people calling for stopping the vote count in Pennsylvania due to unfounded charges of fraud on the steps of the State Capitol on Nov. 5 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

America’s Democracy Demotion

Pro-democracy groups and foreign governments should be calling out Donald Trump’s attack on the country’s core democratic institutions. They aren’t.

Joe Biden at a meeting about a mass shooting in Orlando, Florida, in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington June 13, 2016.

Biden Can’t Stop America’s Democratic Decline

A new administration won’t deliver the changes the country needs. Now it’s up to the U.S. public.

People's Liberation Army soldiers wear protective masks as they stand at attention in front of photo of China's president Xi Jinping at their barracks in Beijing on May 20.

The Power Delusion

U.S.-China competition isn’t just about great-power rivalry. It’s about the ideological battle between democracy and authoritarianism, too.

Rudy Giuliani, the attorney for the U.S. president, holds a press conference in the back parking lot of the Four Seasons Total Landscaping company in Philadelphia on Nov. 7.

How to Refute Vote Fraud Claims Like Trump’s

International election monitors have proven ways to verify a disputed vote. Could they work in the United States?

Saudi King Salman (R) and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (C) receive Egypt's President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi at the Neom site near Maqnah, Saudi Arabia on Aug. 14, 2018.

What Trump’s Loss Means for Authoritarian Leaders

From Cairo to Riyadh, autocrats are nervous about what a Biden administration might mean for their relationship with Washington.

Indian voters line up at a polling station to cast their ballots during the fifth phase of general election in Amethi, Uttar Pradesh, India, on May 6, 2019.

India Would Have Counted the Votes Already

The world’s largest democracy might have some lessons to offer the oldest democracy on how to conduct an election.

A Democratic Party supporter reacts by giving the finger after Donald Trump's victory is announced on television in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, on Nov. 9, 2016.

Don’t Call the Race Too Early

An early declaration of the election result from a partisan network—on the left or right—could trigger violence in the United States.

A voter casts his ballot at an early voting center in Washington, DC, on Oct. 27.

What International Election Observers Will Be Looking For on Tuesday

At least three groups will be closely monitoring the voting process for even more signs of trouble.

A voter departs with two children after casting her ballot during early voting in the 2020 presidential election on October 29, 2020 in Adel, Iowa.

An International Election Observer’s Advice for America: Trust the Process

Used to monitoring elections in fragile states overseas, the Carter Center is turning its attention for the first time to U.S. elections.

A group supporting Ivory Coast's political opposition protest against a third term for President Alassane Ouattara in Abidjan on Oct. 15.

Ivory Coast’s Election Could Do Lasting Harm to Democratic Norms in West Africa

While France and the United States turn a blind eye, Alassane Ouattara is rolling back the region’s democratic gains and legitimizing authoritarian rule.

Supporters of the National League for Democracy party in Myanmar

Myanmar’s Elections Won’t Be Free or Fair

Five years after the National League for Democracy won in a landslide, Aung San Suu Kyi’s party fails to live up to its name.


Here’s How the 2020 U.S. Elections Resemble Those of Fragile Democracies

A veteran observer of elections in troubled countries describes the undeniable parallels.

U.S. President Donald Trump, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, and moderator Kristen Welker participate in the final presidential debate at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee, on Oct. 22.

Campaign Debates Are Democracy Theater

A once-meaningful event has been hollowed out. Here’s how to fix it.