A Somali mother and child walk through the Kobe refugee camp near the Ethiopian-Somali border on July 19, 2011.

Climate Threats Are Multiplying in the Horn of Africa

In a long overdue step, the U.N. Security Council may finally address climate security.

A Chinese aircraft carrier sails.

Beijing Eyes New Military Bases Across the Indo-Pacific

Tanzania, Cambodia, and the UAE are on China’s wish list—and now Kiribati, within striking distance of Hawaii.

Local fishermen’s boats moor at Berbera port, in the breakaway territory of Somaliland, on July 21, 2018. (Mustafa Saeed/AFP/Getty Images)

For Somaliland and Djibouti, Will New Friends Bring Benefits?

Interest in the Horn of Africa from foreign powers has always been a double-edged sword.

People's Liberation Army personnel attending the opening ceremony of China's new military base in Djibouti. (STR/AFP/Getty Images)

Will Djibouti Become Latest Country to Fall Into China’s Debt Trap?

The African country houses a key U.S. military base, making it a particular concern for Washington.

Chinese President Xi Jinping in Beijing on Oct. 25, 2017. (Lintao Zhang/Getty Images)

Xi’s Long March on American Democracy

The United States can’t sit back and watch as China quietly colonizes the West.

GettyImages-529103228 crop

Washington’s Closest Ally on the Horn of Africa Has a Terrible Human Rights Record

Tiny Djibouti is a key U.S. ally in the “war on terror.” But that doesn’t mean Washington should stay silent on its abuses.

Chinese sailors stand onboard a frigate berthed in Shanghai on September 22, 2011. The Chinese navy is playing a key role in Beijing's move to become a major global military power, as demonstrated by the recent release of the first Chinese aircraft carrier.   AFP PHOTO/GUILLAUME KLEIN (Photo credit should read GUILLAUME KLEIN/AFP/Getty Images)

China Setting up Shop Next to Key U.S. Drone Base in Africa

Beijing making significant investments in Djibouti’s port facilities


Meet America’s China-Cozying, Rights-Abusing Ally in the Horn of Africa

The United States is ignoring Djibouti's human rights abuses and a growing ties with China to fly drones in Africa.

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