Billboards feature Mohammed bin Salman and Imran Khan.

Can Imran Khan Change the Course of Saudi-Pakistani Relations?

Pakistan and Saudi Arabia’s relationship is walking a fine line.

Demonstrators clash with riot police during a protest against President Ivan Duque's government at the Bolivar square in Bogota on May 5.

Unrest Returns to Colombia Over COVID-19 and Police Violence

The pandemic has increased debt in Latin America, and paying up may stoke social tensions.

A man types on his smart phone in Iran.

Outdated U.S. Policies Are Helping Iran Censor Its Citizens

Unclear guidelines and fear of sanctions are stopping tech companies from selling products that would help Iranians access the internet freely and evade government surveillance.

EU Council staff members remove the United Kingdom’s flag from the European Council building in Brussels on Jan. 31, 2020.

Trade Deals Primarily Promote Stability, Not Trade

And the new agreement between the United Kingdom and the European Union does the opposite.

Russians protest against President Vladimir Putin's government at Pushkin Square in Moscow on Jan. 23.

A New Sanctions Strategy to Contain Putin’s Russia

It’s time for America and Europe to start putting serious economic pressure on Putin’s regime.

Employees work in the telemarketing department at the startup company Hotel Urbano in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on May 5, 2015.

The Latin American Start-Ups Winning the Pandemic

Venture capital investors continued to bet on the region amid the COVID-19 slump.

U.S. President Joe Biden addresses Congress.

Can Biden Sell His Domestic Agenda as a Win Against China?

From climate change policy to COVID-19 relief, Biden’s domestic and foreign-policy goals are coming under fire. 

The U.S. flag flies over a container ship.

To Save American Prosperity, Renew Fast Track

Sure, everybody’s a protectionist now. But there’s a way to both protect U.S. workers and support free trade.

Protesters in Seattle demand Amazon be taxed.

The World Is Closer Than Ever to Making Corporations Pay Up

Forget the naysayers. The global fight against corporate tax dodgers finally looks winnable.


The Biden 100-Day Progress Report

We asked 25 experts to grade the administration’s start on foreign policy

Colombian Marine Infantry soldiers patrol the streets of Buenaventura, Colombia, on Feb. 10.

In Colombia, Free Trade Has Come With More Violence

Nearly a decade after signing a deal with the United States, the future in cities like Buenaventura looks worse and worse.

Demonstrators in Berlin display banners in support of Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny

Sanctioning Russia Is Easier Said Than Done

Quiet threats, not public pronouncements, could be the best way to save Navalny.

A commuter trades plastic bottles to be recycled for transit credit.

Italy’s Economic Recovery Plan Needs to Think Local

Already a circular economy leader in technology, Italy must involve communities if its “green recovery” is to succeed.

Soybeans are harvested

Big Agriculture Is Best

The United States’ industrialized food system moved millions of people out of poverty and is better for the environment, too.

A view of a ruby star atop one of the Kremlin's towers in downtown Moscow on Dec. 9, 2019.

U.S. Slaps Wide-Ranging Sanctions on Moscow—but Stops Short of Killer Blow

The Biden administration takes a novel, broad-brush approach to Russia’s nefarious activity.

2018 jordan protests

­­A Hashemite Family Reunion Can’t Hide Jordan’s Woes

Making nice after an alleged coup attempt obscures serious challenges, including water scarcity, a refugee crisis, and unhelpful neighbors.

India Female Farmers Illustration

India’s Suffering Female Farmers Have the Most to Lose

The country’s rural Dalits are already exploited—and know it can get worse.

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