Election 2012


Think Again: The Republican Party

The future of the GOP -- after the debacle.

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Geek Squad

How behavioral scientists could make Obama's second term a success.

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Getting Down to Business

The bad news is Washington hasn't seen the last of its bickering, dithering, and gridlock. The good news is Obama can change that in his first 100 days. 

Four More Years … in Exile

Can Republicans find their way out of the foreign-policy wilderness?

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The Awakening

Why white nationalists are thrilled with Obama's victory

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Is J Street Winning?

This election showed that the Democratic Party's views toward Israel are changing in some disturbing ways.


Back to Work

7 things the U.N. can finally get around to doing now that the U.S. election is over.

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Stardust Across the Pond

Can Obama's magic rub off on David Cameron?

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Time for some foreign policy change we can believe in.


Why the World Can’t Have a Nate Silver

The quants are riding high after Team Data crushed Team Gut in the U.S. election forecasts. But predicting the Electoral College vote is child's play next to some of these hard targets.

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The Dream Team

Barack Obama's election triumph is only days old, but already the buzz has shifted from the horserace to the coming shakeups among his top aides and cabinet secretaries. To help the president out, we asked seven top thinkers to select the brain trust that Obama should have at his side as he retools his foreign policy for a second term.

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Brace Yourself

The U.S. may well go off the fiscal cliff. Is that so bad?


It’s the Stimulus, Stupid

Why Obama won reelection when virtually every other incumbent in the West has been bounced from office.


What Else Is On?

Why the foreign policy debate just can't get at the real differences between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

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