People demonstrate in support of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Israel Has a Silent Centrist Majority. Benjamin Netanyahu Is Blocking It.

As long as the prime minister remains in power, the electorate’s true preference—a centrist, secular, national unity government—will remain unfulfilled.

Supporters of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Israel’s Election Redux

The best Foreign Policy stories of 2019 on Israel’s electoral crisis.

U.S. President Donald Trump speaks at the White House.

Our Top Weekend Reads

Trump impeached, Turkey’s refugee resettlement plan, and López Obrador’s poor record combating drug cartels.

Labour Party members, including several current contenders for the party's leadership, applauded as Jeremy Corbyn delivered a speech on the final day of the Labour Party Conference in Brighton on Sept. 27, 2017.

Britain’s Labour Party Needs a 21st-Century Tony Blair—Not Blairism

After a devastating loss, the British opposition needs a leader who offers credible economic policy promises rather than pipe dreams—and knows how to win.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson campaigns in England's northwest on Dec. 7.

Boris Johnson Won’t Unite Britain—He’ll Keep Dividing It

The U.K.’s new prime minister is likely to double down on culture wars and nativist rhetoric to hold on to his new electorate.

Supporters of Jeremy Corbyn rally outside Parliament on June 27, 2016 in London.

Democrats: Don’t Screw Up Like Britain’s Labour Party Did

Radical leftism may provide a political high, but it won’t bring victory—and the withdrawal symptoms could last decades.

Jeremy Corbyn, left, with Les Silverstone, holds a copy of the Labour Party's Programme 1973, a radical social and political work drawn up by left-wing members of the Labour Party, in September 1975.

Jeremy Corbyn’s Followers Are Stuck in the 1970s

After a devastating election loss, the U.K. Labour Party has maintained the delusion that it won the argument, while dismissing those who voted against it as morally inferior.

Muslims attend a vigil at the East London Mosque for the victims of the New Zealand mosque attacks on March 15 in London, England.

Islamophobia Is Boris Johnson’s Problem Now

The U.K. Labour Party’s abject failure to address anti-Semitism has garnered headlines, but hatred of Muslims is even more rampant in Britain—and the prime minister and his party have contributed to making it socially acceptable.

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn leaves the stage at Sobell leisure centre after retaining his parliamentary seat in London on Dec. 13.

Corbynism’s Bad Hangover

In the light of day, utopian fantasies about a failed leader are dissolving.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson delivers a speech outside 10 Downing Street in London, United Kingdom, on Dec. 13, 2019, following his Conservative Party's general election victory.

Boris Johnson’s Victory Is Exactly What the EU Wants

The endless Brexit saga has brought uncertainty, instability, and confusion to Brussels. Now European leaders can get on with business.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson wears boxing gloves emblazoned with "Get Brexit Done" as he poses for a photograph at Jimmy Egan's Boxing Academy in Manchester, England on Nov. 19.

Is Britain’s Election Really About Brexit?

Conservatives and Liberal Democrats are campaigning on the assumption that nothing else matters. The Labour Party is betting that voters care more about bread-and-butter issues.

An Algerian protester holds up a red card during an anti-government demonstration in Algiers on Dec. 11.

Algeria’s Election Won’t Save Its Democracy

In the presidential vote this week, citizens looking for change will have few good options to pick from.

Alyn Smith, Scottish National Party candidate for Stirling, meets with voters on the streets of Stirling on Nov. 19 ahead of the general election.

In Scotland’s Swing Seats, Nationalists Are Selling Voters on Independence

Mired in the unpopular Brexit process, the Tories will have to convince voters that the union is worth it to keep hotly contested seats.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson campaigns in England's northwest on Dec. 7.

For Boris Johnson to Become Prime Minister Again, He (Probably) Has to Win His Seat First

The Conservative Party leader’s hold over his Uxbridge and South Ruislip seat represents the narrowest constituency majority for any prime minister in more than five decades.

Ali Milani, the British Labour Party's parliamentary candidate in Uxbridge and South Ruislip, speaks to campaign volunteers before canvassing in the Eastcote area of London on Dec. 7.

The Biggest Threat to Boris Johnson Isn’t Jeremy Corbyn

The British prime minister isn’t afraid of the Labour party’s leader. To retain his parliamentary seat in an increasingly diverse west London district, Johnson is facing a tight race to fend off Ali Milani, a 25-year-old immigrant from Iran.

Candidate portraits by uli knörzer for Foreign Policy

For the 2020 Democrats, It’s America First, Too

The slate of Democratic candidates includes two Rhodes scholars, two ex-soldiers, and a former chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. But don’t count on them to resurrect a Pax Americana.

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