Energy and the Environment

U.S. President Joe Biden disembarks from Air Force One in Geneva prior to a U.S.-Russian summit on June 15.

No More Trans-Atlantic Love Fest as Biden Heads to Europe

Europe and the United States were never going to be the reunited couple in a geopolitical rom-com.

A situation room monitors traffic camera data

How the Data Revolution Will Help the World Fight Climate Change

Cities are the proving ground for potent new tools to address the crisis.

The Wujing coal-fired power plant is seen in Shanghai on Sept. 28. China is suffering record coal prices and power outages.

Winter Is Coming, and It’s Only a Preview

The world’s energy crunch will have indirect effects for years to come. The question is: How bad will things get?

The Gazprom logo is seen at the International Gas Forum in St. Petersburg on Oct. 7.

How Will Moscow Use Its Energy Leverage Over Europe?

The Kremlin holds one of the keys to resolving Europe’s energy crisis.

Young environmental activists hold protest signs up in front of comedians dressed as Australian Labor leader Bill Shorten and Prime Minister Scott Morrison in Canberra, Australia, on May 5, 2019.

The Australian Climate Change Paradox, Unpacked

Australia is uniquely vulnerable in a warming world. So why have successive governments refused to act?

Russian President Vladimir Putin attends a session of the Russian Energy Week International Forum in Moscow on Oct. 13.

The West Still Needs Russia’s Energy

Hopes of defanging Moscow through alternative energy have faded.

A firefighter sprays water on a propane tank as a home burns due to the Dixie fire in Plumas County, California, on July 24.

Humanity’s Unhappy Experiment

Understanding how the climate crisis unfolded can help us reverse course.

The cooling tower at the Muelheim-Kaerlich nuclear power plant collapses during a controlled demolition near Koblenz, Germany.

In Global Energy Crisis, Anti-Nuclear Chickens Come Home to Roost

In virtually every country that has closed nuclear plants, clean electricity has been replaced with dirty power.

Woman working in Indian coal mine

Why India Can’t Wean Itself Off Coal

Those who see India as a climate boogeyman are holding it to a standard they would never apply to themselves.

Employees work on a high-voltage transmission tower in China.

The Real Reasons Behind China’s Energy Crisis

Cheap pricing and too much coal are leaving Chinese in the dark.

Gasoline shortage in Britain

Is Europe’s Energy Crisis a Preview of America’s?

Europe has itself to blame for shortages and spiking prices, but Washington is copying many of its policies.

A man holds his daughter across from a coal power station in Shanghai.

Why Xi’s Coal Pledge Is a Big Deal

With China out, there’s little investment left for global coal projects.

Drivers line up for fuel in London.

What’s Causing the U.K. Fuel Crisis?

One part Brexit and one part coronavirus have derailed Britain’s transportation system—and given the government a huge headache.

Demonstrators protest against electricity tariffs in Madrid

Why This Energy Crisis Is Different

Climate change and the policies to curb it lie behind skyrocketing gas, coal, and electricity prices in Europe and Asia.

A worker in China readies aluminum pistons for manufacturing.

Why Is Aluminum So Expensive Right Now?

A coup in Guinea, one of the world’s top bauxite producers, has spooked an already jittery market.

The Iranian and Japanese foreign ministers shake hands.

Japan Is the Middle East’s Most Credible Player

Tokyo’s long-standing, quiet diplomacy has built trust Washington lacks.

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