Energy Policy

Employees work at a gas drilling rig at a gas field in Russia.

Europe Isn’t Prepared if Russia Turns the Gas Taps Off

Energy woes seep into the West’s response to a potential Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Mikhail Ulyanov, Russia's envoy to the Iran nuclear talks in Vienna.

The Iran Nuclear Talks’ Breakout Player

Love him or hate him, Russia’s man in Vienna has become the Iran deal’s unofficial spokesman.

Flared natural gas is burned off at a corporation's operations in Texas.

Why U.S. Natural Gas Is No Longer Too Dirty for France

Natural gas is key to the energy transition—but only if companies clean up their act.

Motorists line up at a Sinooil gas station in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Want to Derail the Energy Transition? Take Fossil Fuels Out of the Mix.

Policies that attack supply to reduce demand will create substantial collateral damage.

Water vapor rises from the Grafenrheinfeld nuclear power plant shortly before it was permanently shut down as part of Germany's phaseout of all nuclear power, near Grafenrheinfeld, Germany. on June 11, 2015

Amid Energy Crisis, EU Fights Over Whether Nuclear Is Green

Brussels’s plans to cut emissions by promoting nuclear power has parts of the bloc up in arms.

Burnt-out city administration building in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan’s Protests Aren’t a Color Revolution

The country’s widespread popular demonstrations transcended class, region, and politics—making them distinct from those in Belarus and Ukraine.

Police fired tear gas and stun grenades.

Will Unrest in Kazakhstan Inflame Tensions Between Russia and the West?

A sudden wave of protests has spooked the Kremlin and precipitated an unprecedented intervention by Moscow and its allies.

Steam rises from the cooling towers of the Grohnde nuclear power in Germany.

3 Reasons Nuclear Power Has Returned to the Energy Debate

If we believed our own rhetoric about the climate crisis, support for nuclear would be much higher.


What 2021 Meant for the Fight Against Climate Change

Time to avoid climate change’s worse impacts is running out. What did 2021 change?

Health care workers in Lagos, Nigeria

5 Reasons to Be Optimistic About 2022

Start the new year on a bright note: Here are five things to be excited about.

Putin inspects military drills

Use Climate and Trade Policy to Counter Putin’s Playbook

Joint U.S.-EU carbon border fees could be much more damaging to Russia than sanctions.

Employees work on a high-voltage transmission tower in China.

How the Energy Crisis Made 2021 Feel Like the ’70s

High power prices. Rolling blackouts. Dwindling supplies. And a cascade of economic and political turmoil felt around the world.

Kerry at COP26 in Glasgow

Biden’s Climate Diplomacy Is a Gift to China

The administration is paying for vain hopes with dangerous concessions.

Saleh al-Armouti speaks before protesters.

Water-for-Energy Is Better Than Land-for-Peace

A new deal between Israel and Jordan represents a big step forward from the Abraham Accords.

A young Nigerian refugee wears a small portable solar panel.

Why the Climate Panic About Africa Is Wrong

Once again, the rich world sees Africans as a threat to the planet.

A steel mill is seen outside Pittsburgh.

Fossil Fuel’s Downfall Could Be America’s Too

How U.S. polluters might drag the country’s economy down with them.

Indian nuclear power plant in Narora

India Needs a Big Nuclear Bet to Keep COP26 Promises

The United States can play a key role in civilian nuclear aid.

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