German Chancellor Angela Merkel and U.S. President Joe Biden stand in the White House with a view of the Washington Monument on July 15.

Biden Isn’t Selling Out on Nord Stream 2. He’s Protecting U.S. Firms.

If Washington can sanction any company for legal activity it doesn’t like, China and others could do the same to U.S. businesses—making them uninsurable.

Merkel and Biden at the White House

Biden’s Surrender to Merkel on Nord Stream 2

His support for the pipeline abandoned a bipartisan consensus, got nothing in return, and made the world less secure.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel grimaces on stage during a campaign rally on September 26, 2009 at the Treptow Arena in Berlin.

The Undeniable Pessimism of Angela Merkel

Hovering over Germany’s China policy is a cloud of gloom and fear.

Angela Merkel

The Other Side of Angela Merkel

What the world has misunderstood about the German chancellor.

Election posters are seen in Germany.

East Germany Is Still a Country of Its Own

Thirty years after unification—and two months before a national election—German politics are still divided in two.

The registration room in hut 6 at Bletchley Park on Oct. 22, 1943. British cryptographers used the intelligence center during World War II to decipher top-secret military communiques between Hitler and his armed forces.

How World War II Code-Breakers Created the Modern Digital World

In “Geniuses at War,” David A. Price convincingly recounts a heroic and tragic tale.

German infantrymen folllow a tank toward Moscow in the snow in, 1941 during Operation Barbarossa, Hitler's invasion of the Soviet Union. The image was published in. Signal, a magazine published by the German Third Reich. Art Media/Print Collector/Getty Images

Panzers, Beans, and Bullets

This wargame explains how Russia really stopped Hitler.

Tubes for the construction of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline are loaded onto a ship at the Sassnitz-Mukran port in northeastern Germany, on Dec. 12, 2019.

Why Is Ted Cruz Threatening Angela Merkel?

U.S. senators have threatened the Port of Sassnitz with “fatal measures,” but it’s worth asking what would happen if others acted the same way.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, U.S. President Joe Biden, and French President Emmanuel Macron during the G-7 Summit in Cornwall, England, on June 11.

Biden Is Falling Into the Same Trap With Europe as Obama

Washington’s myopic focus on Berlin and Brussels is a grave mistake. The rest of Europe shouldn’t be flyover country.

Then-U.S. Vice President Joe Biden in Ukraine.

Russia Policy Puts Biden Under Pressure Across Europe

Ukraine has the most to gain in Biden’s emerging Russia policy—and the most to lose.

Zivil Courage Illustration of words

America Doesn’t Need Heroes

Why Germany’s concept of Zivilcourage is one for the Biden era.

Namibian skulls from the German Empire's genocide are repatriated.

Europe Repents in Africa

Germany and France have formally acknowledged their roles in the continent’s 20th-century genocides.

Annalena Baerbock attends a press conference.

Germany’s Post-Pacifist Generation Is Nearing Power

The world according to Annalena Baerbock, the Green Party candidate—and frontrunner to become chancellor.

india funeral pyres covid cremation

For Indians Abroad, Talk of Home Is Terrifying

Watching a catastrophe unfold from afar has left India’s diaspora feeling angry and helpless.

Nord Stream 2 road sign in Germany

How to Break the Logjam Over Nord Stream 2

The Russo-German pipeline has zero impact on European security. But Ukraine should be helped.

An illustration showing Greens candidate Annalene Baerbock alongside an archival photo of anti-nuclear protesters blowing soap bubbles in 2005.

How the Greens Went Mainstream

They were once Germany’s anti-establishment party. Now they’re on the verge of reaching the peak of power.

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