What Does Putin Really Want?

This week on the show: Two Russia experts on Moscow’s Ukraine gambit.

The U.S. Cavalry, outside of the Great Wall of China

When America Invaded China

The Boxer Rebellion still shapes Beijing’s attitude toward the United States.

A man in military clothing stands inside the damaged Holy Savior Cathedral in the Nagorno-Karabakh city of Shusha, known as Shushi to Armenians.

Cultural Desecration Is Racial Discrimination

A recent International Court of Justice decision regarding Azerbaijan’s actions in Nagorno-Karabakh could offer protection to threatened cultural heritage sites around the world.

Protesters supporting U.S. President Donald Trump break into the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021 in Washington, DC.

Machiavelli’s Lessons for America’s Jan. 6 Tumult

Political chaos can spur failing republics, not just destroy them.

Russian troops walk toward a military plane at a snowy airfield.

Kazakhstan’s Border With Russia Is Suddenly an Open Question Again

Moscow has long claimed parts of northern Kazakhstan. The country’s current turmoil makes those claims a lot more relevant—and troubling.

The cross for Christianity, the Star of David for Judaism and the crescent moon for Islam

The Two-State Solution Is Dead—and Liberal Zionists Can’t Save It

The book “Haifa Republic” is a noble effort to salvage a worldview that no longer has anything to offer.

Israeli ultra-nationalists during a demonstration in Jerusalem on March 16, 2008.

Why Israel Hates Gaza

Israel’s leaders have always shown contempt for Palestinians in the Gaza Strip because their past—and ongoing presence—pose a direct challenge to Israel’s founding myth.

A woman wearing a face mask with the logo of Russian rights group Memorial stands outside Moscow City Court, where the group is on trial, on Nov. 23.

Russia’s Last Political Freedoms Are on the Way Out

The trial to liquidate Russia’s best-known human rights organization is about much more.

U.S. President Richard Nixon gestures while mingling with passengers on a United Air Lines DC-10 commercial airliner enroute from Washington to Los Angeles on Dec. 26, 1973.  The picture was made with an instantmatic camera by passenger 19-year-old passenger Julie Gilkey. AP

Richard Nixon’s Last Christmas Trick

In 1973, a presidential flight stunt baffled everyone.

Display of Stalin's funeral at the Gulag Museum in Moscow.

In Putin’s Russia, the Past Is Never Past

Memorial is the latest victim of Russia’s history wars.

Finnish troops wear gas masks in 1939.

What Ukraine Can Learn From Finland

In December 1939, a small country with a small military held off the vastly superior Soviet Red Army and avoided occupation by its larger neighbor.

Troops are seen in German South West Africa.

Germany’s First Genocide Looked a Lot Like China’s

The killing of the Herero has disturbing parallels with the treatment of Uyghurs.

Maori, one wearing European garb, paddle a canoe in an engraving from 1826.

How New Zealand Recognizes the People There First

The Maori term “tangata whenua” conveys a powerful relationship with the land.

Xi Zhongxun from a postage stamp commemorating the Chinese military leader.

A Squabble About History Almost Killed Xi Jinping’s Father

Fights about the party’s past are serious business in Beijing.

South Africans gather at the Union Buildings.

The Death Penalty Isn’t African. It’s a Legacy of Colonialism.

Capital punishment was a tool of white supremacy designed to instill terror and cement foreign domination. African governments should abolish it.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson’s Roman Fantasies

Blaming the fall of Rome on immigration is an old, wrong, and dangerous idea.


Germany’s Love Affair With Crime Fiction

The genre is a potent mirror for a country still coming to terms with itself.

North Korean army soldiers

It’s Time for Biden to End the Korean War

The U.S. president should ignore fearmongering and build on a real opportunity.

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