A doctor speaks with homeless people about the coronavirus

HIV-Positive Population Braces for Another Plague

Mysterious deaths and experimental drugs are all too familiar to survivors of the 1980s epidemic.

A technician extracts blood from a patient for an HIV test in Mexico City on July 18.

Mexico Is Setting a Global Example on HIV Treatment

But the president’s recent funding cuts to civil society organizations threaten to imperil their progress.

Vehicles loaded with goods and people cross the border from Venezuela at Paraguachón, Colombia, on June 9.

Venezuela’s HIV Crisis Crosses the Border

Unable to get care in a devastated health care system, desperate Venezuelans flow into Colombia.

BANGKOK - JULY 18:  A nurse prepares the AIDSVAX B/E vaccine for injection July 18, 2002 at the Boon Mee Clinic in Bangkok, Thailand.  Some 2,500 uninfected intravenous drug users  at risk of HIV-1 infection are being tested at 17 different clinics in Bangkok on a volunteer basis during the Phase III trial to determine the efficacy of the vaccine. (Photo by Paula Bronstein/Getty Images)

The Next AIDS Pandemic

Funding cuts to key U.S. programs that support medicine and treatment are coming. And with a booming African population and drug-resistant strains on the rise, the future is grim.

NAIROBI, KENYA - DECEMBER 2006: Images photographed on the site of the Coptic Hospital, 2 December 2006 in Nairobi, Kenya. The Coptic hospital is run through donations and is a benificary of the PEPFAR prject, part of the US presidents program on Aids. HIV rates in Kenya are now at 5 to 1 in terms of women to men, indicating a strong feminisation of the disease. As a result groups of Kenyan HIV+ women are banding together to offer each other education and support. They are utilising their sewing, weaving and other skills to create financial resources and at the same time creating womens groups to discuss Aids issues and awareness.  Getty Images is partnering with the Global Business Coalition on HIV/AIDS ongoing projects. (Photo by Brent Stirton/Getty Images)

Trump Is Wrong to Retreat From the Global Fight Against AIDS

U.S. efforts to fight pandemics are in the country's best interest — and provide an astounding return on investment.

Yana, an outreach worker with Svitanok, visiting an HIV positive patient who died later that day. People with HIV are particularly susceptible to diseases such as tuberculosis, which is currently making a comeback in Ukraine's war zones. Donetsk 2011

Ukraine’s Underground AIDS-Treatment Railroad

For HIV-positive eastern Ukrainians, the struggle against Russian-backed separatists isn't just about dignity — it's about their right to stay alive.

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