Hong Kong

Demonstrators take part in a protest against the new national security law on July 1, 2020 in Hong Kong, China.

Why Taiwan’s Assistance to Hong Kong Matters

Taiwan’s government is signaling its status as a regional beacon for democracy and human rights—in contrast to South Korea, which frames assistance to North Korean refugees as helping ethnic brethren.

U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson, left, meets with Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau

Facing Trump, Putin, and Xi, London Needs Old Allies for New Ideas

A “C-3” of Canada, Australia, and the U.K. is the right group to stand up to authoritarian aggression.

Police clear a footpath as protesters gather in Hong Kong

How to Watch for Freedom Disappearing in Hong Kong

The national security law is just the start of oppression.

A protester in Hong Kong waves a Union Jack flag

Britain Must Step Up to the Global Stage to Protect Hong Kong

China’s disregard for international law under Xi presents a shared challenge.

A pro-democracy protester waves a British colonial flag in Hong Kong

Hong Kongers’ Route to Britishness Winds Through the Ruins of Empire

Hong Kongers were given second-class nationality. Now they’ve been promised more.

The New York Stock Exchange.

Our Top Weekend Reads

The stock market is soaring, African leaders are rallying around George Floyd, and reducing the U.S. military presence abroad could boost the domestic economy.

Riot police in Hong Kong

China’s Crackdown in Hong Kong Won’t Spare Foreigners

Business as usual is over in the city, whether companies like it or not.

Protesters attend a rally in a shopping mall on May 28 in Hong Kong.

Should the United States Punish China for Aggression Toward India and Hong Kong?

As Beijing flexes its muscle from Hong Kong to Ladakh, the U.S. government must decide how to respond.

Police detain people during protests in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Ensnared in U.S.-China Showdown

The U.S. pronouncement that it no longer considers Hong Kong to be independent from China paves the way for future sanctions, which could hurt the very people the United States means to help.

Riot police stand guard during a protest against a planned national security law in the Admiralty district of Hong Kong on May 27.

China’s Surging Nationalism Has Claimed Hong Kong

The new national security measures won’t be the end of Beijing’s belligerence.

A woman and child walk past riot police standing guard on a street in the Mongkok district of Hong Kong on May 27, as the city's legislature debates over a law that bans insulting China's national anthem.

In Hong Kong, Xi Plays a Dangerous Game of Chicken

With its new security law, China risks massive economic and political consequences. Xi’s lack of concern should worry democratic nations everywhere.

The pro-democracy lawmaker Wu Chi-wai is removed by security during a scuffle with pro-Beijing lawmakers at the House Committee's election of vice chairpersons, presided by pro-Beijing lawmaker Starry Lee Wai-king at the Legislative Council  in Hong Kong on May 22.

Beijing Has Lit Hong Kong’s Funeral Pyre

Hong Kongers will fight the imposition of mainland security measures fiercely but alone.

Chief Executive Carrie Lam speaks during a press conference at the government headquarters in Hong Kong on April 22.

The Pandemic Is Cover for a Crackdown in Hong Kong

The gap between the mainland and the city is closing fast.

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