Hong Kong

A vendor arranges fresh copies of the Apple Daily newspaper.

Killing Hong Kong’s Free Press Will Harm Its Economy

Beijing is betting expats will flock to the city despite China’s draconian media crackdown—but they could vote with their feet.

Defaced photocopies of British National Overseas passports are displayed by pro-Beijing activists as they gather outside the British Consulate General to protest against the use of BNO passports in Hong Kong on Feb. 1.

China’s Nationality Law Is a Cage for Hong Kongers

Foreign passport holders risk being trapped in China by nervous authorities.

Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam and other officials attend a flag raising ceremony to mark China’s National Day in Hong Kong, on Oct. 1, 2020.

The West Turned a Blind Eye to China’s Threat to Democracy

Hubris drove failed engagement policies. Now, the democratic world must fight back.


Hong Kong Can’t Be Saved. Hong Kongers Can.

A once great city is now another appendage of dictatorship.

A view from Hong Kong of the skyline of Yantian, a district in the neighboring mainland Chinese city of Shenzhen, on Sept. 19.

Beijing’s Hong Kong Fables Have Unhappy Endings

Old narratives about the city fell apart this year, but new ones can still be born.

Tibetan flags are displayed as protesters gather in front of the Consulate General of China in Los Angeles on March 10, 2019, to mark the 60th Global Tibetan National Uprising Commemorations.

Beijing’s Human Rights Victims Shouldn’t Support Trump

Tough on China or not, a second term would only spell more misery for Tibetans and other communities victimized by Beijing.

A protester gives the three-finger salute at a rally outside Nonthaburi police station in Bangkok on Oct. 19.

Thai Protesters Claim a Temporary Victory

Both the government and demonstrators are borrowing tactics from Hong Kong.

Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) soldiers train inside the PLA Hong Kong Garrison barrackson November 21, 2019.

Who Lost Hong Kong?

The city’s fate was inevitable, but protests sped it up.


Document of the Week: China’s See-No-Evil PR Blitz

Beijing has produced a booklet to counter allegations that it’s curtailing the freedoms of Hong Kong residents, abusing Uighurs, and failing to come clean on its role in the spread of the coronavirus.

Protesters in front of the Chinese Embassy in Seoul

The United States Can’t Handle China Alone

A coordinated strategy is emerging among allies, despite Trump’s best efforts.

The pro-democracy media tycoon and Apple Daily founder Jimmy Lai is escorted by police on Aug. 11, after being arrested in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Police Mix Colonial and Communist Brutality

As Beijing cracks down, it turns to familiar tools of repression.

Boris Johnson, as mayor of London, meets tourists during an official visit to the Forbidden City in Beijing on Oct. 15, 2013.

Boris Johnson’s Remarkable U-Turn From Sinophile to China Hawk

Six months ago, Britain was the most China-friendly state in Western Europe. That’s ancient history now.

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