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Can You Write a Novel on Twitter?

The quest to write great literature, 140 characters at a time.


The Dog Whisperer

How a British colonel altered the 
battlefields of World War I, and why 
his crusade still resonates today.

Photographs by Erin Trieb

Can an American Soldier Ever Die in Vain?

What Shakespeare, Lincoln, and 
"Lone Survivor" teach us about the danger 
of refusing to confront futility in war.

Photo: Lauren DeCicca

The Reckoning

After decades of censorship, Burma's filmmakers probe their country's dark past.


Most Favored Narrations

The 10 best books, according to China's ruling elite.

Top image: David Levenson/Getty Images Europe; iStockphoto

Muse of the Revolution

A Syrian-American writer finds her voice, with help from Libya's most famous novelist.

Photograph by Renée Comet

The Cookbook Theory of Economics

Why Chinese and Mexican dominate the market.

Photograph by Renée Comet

Austerity Lentils

What a country cooks when it's collapsing.


Market Revolution

How Poland learned to love its own cuisine.

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The Singularity of Fools

A special report from the utopian future.

Arrow Films

‘Homeland’ in the Holy Land

A TV thriller taps into Israel's collective subconscious.

Insecurity Camera

Homeland and the Israeli show that inspired it aren't the only thrillers that tackle their countries' deepest national security concerns. Here are five other programs that tap into national psyches.

Peeter Viisimaa/Getty Images

The KGB Oscars

In Putin's Russia, it's the spies that are handing out the awards for the year's best movies.

Jean-Yves Bajon Collection (International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam)

The Disappeared

Even the Soviet Union eventually acknowledged Stalin's Great Famine. Why does China still hide evidence of its own mass starvation under Mao?

Photos courtesy of Scott Johnson

A Father’s Secret…

And his journalist son's search for the truth.

Historical photos courtesy of Peter Buck Feller


The son of a Red Army intelligence officer sent to die in a Siberian gulag discovers his father's KGB file, and a cottage industry of children-of-spies memoirs.

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Con Air

What in-flight magazines don't want you to know about the world.

Illustration by Andrew Roberts for FP

Leftist Planet

Why do so many travel guides make excuses for dictators?

Omar Salem/AFP/Getty Images

Teaching Intolerance

You should see what even first graders have to read in Saudi Arabia.


The End of History in the New Libya

The Green Book is gone, but what will replace it?

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