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During the first Gult War, named Operation Desert Storm, American soldiers wave to the camera from a truck as their convoy moves into Iraq, February 24, 1991. (Photo by Ken Jarecke/Department Of Defense (DOD)/The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images)

The Tyranny of Distance

25 years after Desert Storm, America still hasn’t learned why it’s so difficult to win wars overseas.


UN Security Council Goes After Islamic State Cash

The UN Security Council passed a resolution targeting Islamic State finances Thursday.


The Billion-Dollar Caliphate

The Islamic State has gotten rich from extortion, heists, and smuggling. But how long can the extremist group continue to bankroll jihad?


U.S. Officials Say Key Refinery Isn’t Actually All That Key

Will the Baiji oil refinery in Iraq fall to the Islamic State? Pentagon says it might not matter.


Pentagon: Oil No Longer the Islamic State’s Main Source of Revenue

Airstrikes and falling oil prices have put a major dent on the Islamic State's oil smuggling business.


The U.S.-Led Push to Bankrupt the Islamic State Isn’t Working

Washington and its allies know they won't beat the militants until they can stop the terrorist group from raking in cash. The problem is that they don’t know how to do it.

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