The Cable

SitRep: Marines Land in Syria; Russia Deploys Banned Missile; More Bombs for Saudi

Baghdadi on the Run; CIA Hunting Leakers; Experts Question CIA Cyber Ops; Army Wants More Munitions; Fake New and the Islamic State

The Cable

SitRep: BREAKING: U.S., Russian, Turkish Generals Meet Over Syria; U.S. Missile Defense Rushed to South Korea; Tehran Tests Missiles

Iran Harasses U.S. Ship; ISIS Underground; EU Training Mission; SecState Rex Tillerson Continues to be MIA; And Lots More


Trump’s Promises to Defeat ISIS ‘Quickly’ Run Into Syria Buzzsaw

The agonizing decision whether to arm the Kurds to beat ISIS, or defer to Turkey’s sensibilities, is Trump’s first big test.

The Cable

Russians Hit U.S.-Backed Syrian Rebels, As Hostile Groups Converge Within ‘Grenade Range’

The top U.S. general in Iraq and Syria says the situation in northern Syria remains chaotic.

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