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U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo

Mike Pompeo Is Trying to Bluff His Way to a Legacy

Even insurrection didn’t interrupt a tour de force of Twitter bragging.


The Myth of a Better Deal

From imaginary weapons of mass destruction to fantastical currency unions, “magical thinking” in foreign policy leads to nothing but catastrophe. Let’s not do the same with Iran.


Vive la Freeze!

Why the French are better at diplomacy than we are.

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Poison Control

Why can't we get rid of nukes the same way we got rid of chemical weapons?


Armageddon 2

The supremely bad U.S.-Russian plan to nuke asteroids.


Pick a Card, Any Card

How Brian Eno explains Obama's Syria policy.

Ammar al-Arbini/AFP/Getty Images

Keep Us in the Loop

The White House should release the evidence of Syria's chemical weapons attack.


The Incredible Shrinking Arsenal

It's not Obama who's cutting nukes -- it's Congress.


The EMPire Strikes Back

Electromagnetic pulse is the conservative fetish that just won't die.

Death Wears Bunny Slippers

Why America's nuclear missileers are going soft.

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How About We Take Their Word For It

Do we really want the North Koreans to prove they can launch a nuke with a missile?

KCNA/John Hudson

The Map of Death

What North Korea's missiles are really aimed at.


Billion Dollar Baby

Kim Jong Un scares the Pentagon into blowing a ton of money on its failed missile defense.


It’s Not You, It’s Me

America's nukes are designed to comfort us, not scare the enemy.


Limited Partnership

No, North Korea did not just test an Iranian nuke.

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North Korea’s Big Bang

Did Pyongyang just take a big step toward an arsenal of nuclear-tipped missiles?

Library of Congress/Records of the Office of the Secretary of Defense

Friends with Benefits

No, Mr. President, it's not OK if our allies get nuclear weapons.

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Buzz Bomb

Why everyone's wrong about Assad's zombie gas.

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Back to the Future

Missile defense doesn't work, so of course Congress is doubling it.

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They Actually Did It

Are we all going to die from an Iranian-built, North Korean ICBM?


Armageddon on a Budget

Don't worry, we can still nuke Russia even if we go over the fiscal cliff.

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