Joe Biden

U.S. President Joe Biden and French President Emmanuel Macron sit together at the G-7 summit in Cornwall, United Kingdom, on June 13.

Spat With France Overshadows Biden Debut at UNGA

France recalls its envoys to Washington and Canberra over a dispute ahead of the major U.N. summit.

International terminal at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York

America’s Pandemic Travel Bans No Longer Make Sense

A thoughtless, unscientific policy of closed borders—even to vaccinated travelers—does a little more damage every day.

WHO chief Tedros briefs media on COVID-19.

Biden Must Move Fast to Replace WHO’s Tedros

It will take an all-out diplomatic blitz to block the director-general’s impending reelection.

Taliban special force fighters stand guard next to a plane.

America Isn’t Exceptional Anymore

The United States can no longer claim to be the leader of the free world if it abandons strategic allies and vulnerable civilians.

Chinese yuan banknotes are seen behind an illuminated stock graph on Feb. 10, 2020. Dado Ruvic Illustration/REUTERS

After Afghanistan, Biden Can Learn From How Fund Managers Handle Their Disasters

Five basic strategies from investment analysis apply to war and diplomacy too.

A French soldier checks the temperature of an Afghan woman in Abu Dhabi.

Don’t Blame the Afghans

If the United States fails to understand its mistakes, it will continue to repeat them.

Pedestrians pass a military propaganda poster in Beijing.

China’s Neighbors Hope Afghanistan Pullout Means Pivot to Indo-Pacific

With the withdrawal completed, Washington’s strategic shift can commence.

Afghans at a passport office

The United States Needs an Afghan Refugee Resettlement Act

Legislation passed in the wake of the Vietnam War could provide a blueprint for today’s policymakers.

Children sleep in a makeshift camp.

How to Avoid Humanitarian Catastrophe in Afghanistan

The Biden administration should maximize diplomacy and prioritize support for front-line organizations.

Asad Majeed Khan speaks.

Pakistani Ambassador: ‘Terrorism Is Our Concern as Much as It Is Your Concern’

Envoy says Washington and Islamabad now have a common interest in stopping the Taliban from exporting violence.

A U.S. soldier points his gun toward an Afghan passenger

Biden’s Democracy Agenda Just Died an Ugly Death in Kabul

The fall of Afghanistan reveals hard truths about U.S. human rights talks.

U.S. soldiers fight the Taliban.

Afghans Need a Humanitarian Intervention Right Now

The U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan should continue. But a new military engagement should begin.

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