Jon Huntsman

FP’s Situation Report: Only measured success on Ukraine political talks

Denny Blair to Sasakawa; Breedlove back to Europe; Why Asia Pacific countries are scared to share; Weapons spending creeps upward; and a bit more.

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Fighting Words

Mitt Romney and the GOP hopefuls sure like to talk tough about Iran’s nuclear threat. But if one of them wins in November, it’ll mean he'll have to walk the walk.

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Little Trouble in Big China

Did Jon Huntsman waste his time as ambassador in Beijing?

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A Tale of Two Candidates

The Gingrich–Huntsman debate illustrated, sadly, what GOP voters are looking for in a presidential candidate.


Politics Stops at the Water’s Edge

After two foreign-policy debates, we still have no idea what most Republican presidential candidates would do about the actual issues facing America abroad.


Crunching the Numbers on the GOP Candidates

What the polls tell us about the Republican candidates on foreign policy.