A convoy of billboard vans with messages against anti-semitism in the Labour Party are driven around Westminster on February 21, 2018 in London, England. (Photo by Jack Taylor/Getty Images)

Labour’s New Anti-Semitism Has Disturbingly Old Roots

Different strains of bigotry have come together under Jeremy Corbyn, and he can't fix it.

A scene from "Babylon Berlin," now streaming on Netflix. (Beta Film)

German TV Is Sanitizing History

A new wave of historical dramas is telling the wrong stories about the country’s past.

A visitor at the entrance of the memorial site of the former Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz-Birkenau in Oswiecim, Poland, on Jan. 25, 2015. (Joel Saget/AFP/Getty Images)

Poland’s Misunderstood Holocaust Law

My government wants to ban accusations of Polish wartime complicity for the sake of honoring history.


Jerusalem’s Forever Crisis

The epicenter of the Arab-Israeli crisis will always be the Temple Mount, where both sides struggle over ancient history and modern-day politics.

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An Incomplete Atlas of Self-Proclaimed Messiahs

From Saudi Arabia to China to Brazil, here are some of the places where self-styled saviors have proclaimed their kingdoms.


What Went Wrong at the Golden Rose Synagogue?

A Ukrainian memorial to crimes against Jews has become a reminder of the country's own tendency toward historical denial.

(Original Caption) May 26, 1971-Jerusalem, Israel: American folk singer Bob Dylan (Right) adjusts yarmulke while visiting the Western Wall here, May 24th. Dylan is in Israel on a private visit with his wife.

Even as a Christian, Bob Dylan Was a Jew

The Nobel laureate denied his history and became an evangelical – but he never stopped being a Jewish prophet in our midst.


Fiddler on the Front Line

On the outskirts of Kiev, one rabbi is using the war in eastern Ukraine to revive a long-lost way of life: the shtetl.

Angel with a gun

If Islam Is a Religion of Violence, So Is Christianity

The world’s oldest religions all have troubling histories of bloodshed. Singling out Islam is just Trump’s latest, hateful hypocrisy.

A member of the Temple Institute holds a one-year-old flawless goat in an enactment of the preparation for the renewal of the Passover sacrifice in the third Jewish Temple on April 2, 2012 during a display to the public in Jerusalem. The slaughter of the lamb was conducted in precise way according to Biblical references that ensures a quick and painless demise. AFP PHOTO/GALI TIBBON (Photo credit should read GALI TIBBON/AFP/Getty Images)

Israeli Authorities: Jewish Men Tried to ‘Disturb Peace’ with Goats in Jerusalem

Israeli police are worried that attempts to carry out sacrifices in the Old City could spark tensions with Palestinians.

Visitors to the United States Holocaust Museum, which is about to celebrate its' 20th anniversary, pass beneath a cast taken from the original entrance to the Auschwitz death camp, inscribed with the phrase Arbeit Macht Frei (Work Makes One Free), on April, 17, 2013 in Washington, DC.
(Photo by )

The United States Museum of Holocaust Kitsch

At Washington’s memorial to the genocide of Jews, history often takes a backseat to “collective memory.”

A Yemeni Jew (C) arrives to an immigration centre in the Israeli city of Beersheba on March 21, 2016 following a secret rescue operation to evacuate a group of 19 Jews from war-torn Yemen to Israel.

Israel has spirited 19 Jews out of war-torn Yemen in a "covert operation" to rescue some of the last remnants of one of the world's most ancient Jewish communities, officials said. The operation transporting them to Israel almost brings to an end the Jewish community in Yemen, which once numbered around 60,000 people and dates back some 2,000 years.

 / AFP / MENAHEM KAHANA        (Photo credit should read

Israel Just Evacuated 19 Jews From Yemen. It’s Not the First Time.

Israel has rescued tens of thousands of Jews from conflicts around the world.

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That Little Problem With the Lord

People are claiming that Muslims, Christians, and Jews might have something in common. God forbid!


The Antonescu Paradox

Hitler’s Romanian ally led an utterly barbaric regime — that while often protecting Jews inside Romania’s borders, murdered them indiscriminately just outside those borders.


A Tale of the Pure at Heart

In 2014, Lev Tahor arrived in Guatemala, the latest stop in a 20-year international journey. The ultra-conservative jewish sect cries that it is escaping religious persecution. But to those left behind—in Israel, New York, and Canada—the group is a dangerous cult ducking accusations of brainwashing, abuse, and child marriage


What Foreign Policy Staff Read in 2015

FP staff share some of the best books they read in 2015.

WASHINGTON, DC - MARCH 23: Hundreds of J Street U students rush towards the doors of Hillel International to put up post-it notes in a response to Hillel President Eric Fingerhut canceling his scheduled speech at their conference. (Erin Schaff/For The Washington Post via Getty Images)

How the Israel Lobby Captured Hillel

Hillel International used to be a welcoming campus organization for Jews of all persuasions. Not anymore.


Trouble on Holy Ground

Has Israel upset the centuries-old status quo at one of the holiest sites in Islam and Judaism?

WASHINGTON - DECEMBER 2: (AFP-OUT) U.S. President Barack Obama (2nd R), First Lady Michelle Obama (3rd R) and Vice president Joe Biden (R) watch as Dina Retik lights the second candle of the menorah during a reception for Hanukkah in the East Room of the White House on December 2, 2010 in Washington, DC.  Hanukkah marks the 8-day Jewish celebration of the Festival of Lights. (Photo by Mike Theiler-Pool/Getty Images)

The President Missed His Member-of-the-Tribe Moment

Why Obama’s recent outreach to the American Jewish community -- on Israel, Iran, and the security of the Middle East -- isn’t going to amount to much of anything at all.

Mass Unity Rally Held In Paris Following Recent Terrorist Attacks

Bibi Plays Paris

In the lead-up to Israeli elections, the prime minister’s trip to France wasn't a public relations gaffe -- it may have been political genius.

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