People enter the International Criminal Court in The Hague, Netherlands, on June 20, 2006.

Does the ICC Obstruct Peace?

In Ivory Coast, the court’s blind pursuit of justice undermined reconciliation efforts.

Demonstrators lift flags during a protest to express solidarity with the Palestinian people in Amman, Jordan on May 16.

Jordan Is Not Palestine

Reannexing the West Bank is an impractical idea that would threaten Jordan’s stability, deny Palestinians the right to self-determination, and reward Israel’s illegal settlements.

A member of Hezbollah fires a gun during a funeral for some members who were killed during clashes in the Tayouneh neighbourhood of Beirut's southern suburbs on Oct. 15.

Lebanon Is Europe’s Most Urgent Challenge

A collapsing state risks creating a catastrophic refugee crisis.

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken speaks during a joint news conference with Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard at the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Mexico City on Oct. 8.

The U.S.-Mexico Drug War Gets a Rebrand

Can the “Bicentennial Framework” be a turning point?

A U.S. $100 bill is placed on a stack of Syrian pounds

Biden Is Flagging on Kleptocracy

The U.S. administration is losing focus on global corruption.

A smiling Bashar al-Assad faces a crowd of journalists with microphones.

Biden’s Inaction on Syria Risks Normalizing Assad—and His Crimes

The world is gradually accepting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad back into the fold.

A demonstrator flashes the victory sign in front of the Constitutional Court in Warsaw, Poland.

Polish Court Ruling Sets Stage for ‘Polexit’

Brussels is scrambling to stamp down a frontal challenge from a Polish court that threatens to undermine the entire European project.

Chilean President Sebastián Piñera delivers a press conference a day after he was mentioned in the Pandora Papers, a media investigation exposing world leaders’ use of tax havens, at La Moneda presidential palace in Santiago, Chile, on Oct. 4.

Hips Don’t Lie (and Neither Do Receipts)

Latin American leaders—and pop stars—are ensnared in the Pandora Papers leak.

A ground crew guids a U.S. Air Force MQ-1B Predator unmanned aerial vehicle at an air base in the Persian Gulf region on Jan. 7, 2016.

Only Congress Can End Washington’s Endless Wars

The war on terror is a constitutional aberration. The U.S. legislature must reclaim its war powers from an overempowered executive branch.

The exterior of a fancy office building on a street in London.

The Fatal Flaw in the West’s Fight Against Autocracy

The Pandora Papers reveal the critical role Western countries play in enabling autocrats.

Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi addresses his Senate.

Mario Draghi Has Unblocked Italy’s Courts but Italian Democracy Is Still Logjammed

It took a technocrat to end years of bickering over badly needed judicial reforms, but it won’t help restore Italian faith in government.

The head of the Russian Art Department at Christie's readies a pre-auction exhibition in Moscow.

How Art Dealers, Real Estate Agents, and Hedge Funds Enable Corruption

If Biden is serious about fighting corruption, he needs to regulate 10 key white-collar professions.

A souvenir shop owner displays glasses decorated with pictures of Hassan Nasrallah.

Hezbollah Is Trying to Be Lebanon’s Savior

As the country’s economic desperation grows, the Shiite sectarian group is promising to provide for anyone in need. 

A man walks past a United Russia party campaign poster in Moscow.

The Kremlin’s Don’t-Get-Out-the-Vote Campaign

Russia isn’t cracking heads ahead of this weekend’s parliamentary vote—just boring people away from the polls.

An Afghan street seller offers the local currency called 'afgani' in exchange for US dollars and few pre-paid mobile phone cards, in  Kabul, on April 10, 2010.

America’s Money Lost the Afghan War

It’s unclear whether Washington can ever cure its addiction to enabling its allies’ corruption.

A French soldier checks the temperature of an Afghan woman in Abu Dhabi.

Don’t Blame the Afghans

If the United States fails to understand its mistakes, it will continue to repeat them.

CIA black site prison near Kabul and Ahmed Rabbani

Nothing but Pitch Black Darkness

Ahmed Rabbani’s journey through the U.S. dark prison system to Guantánamo.

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