Philippine Senator Leila de Lima waves to supporters after appearing in court outside Manila on Feb. 24. (Noel Celis/AFP/Getty Images)

A Message From Philippine Sen. Leila de Lima

The 2017 Global Thinker hopes that the world will "keep watching the Philippines."


Ukraine’s History Is in Good Hands

Josh Cohen’s article claims that I, and others, are “whitewashing” Ukraine’s past. What we are really doing is de-Sovietizing it.

Side view of mature businessman in the bar using digitall tablet.


The Future of Accessibility Innovation

FP Global Demographics Student Essay Contest, presented by AARP: As the global population ages, new technology is helping improve quality of life.


The Other Side of Leopoldo López

Roberto Lovato’s article claiming to be about the bona fides of our client's democratic credentials wasn't that at all.


Getting to Equal

How Norway is doing the hard work of achieving gender equality.


Congo Is Too Big to Fail

We've already tried breaking up the DRC -- and more than 1 million people died. 


Ottawa Is No Caracas

Debating what it means to be a "rogue petrostate." 


It Takes a Village

Why Africa won't wait for Western do-gooders to save a continent.


The United States of Tacos

It's Americans, not Mexicans, who are responsible for the rise of margaritas and moles north of the border.


Russia’s Rottweiler or Putin’s Poodle?

Sergei Lavrov's misreading of Russian history.



Forget "leading from behind." Obama's Middle East strategy is closer to "pleading from behind." 


Hold That Prize!

Walmart might be saving millions of people money, but it still doesn't pay its employees a living wage. 


Springtime in Kabul

While the media obsessed over the missteps, Afghans were building a better future.


Minority Report

Should presidents seek out dissent?


Freedom’s March

History might not be ending, but democracy is still gaining ground.


Mission Creep

Charles Kenny is too quick to encourage people to give up their privacy.


Storming the Hill

Thomas P.M. Barnett lets the White House off the hook for the Pentagon's dysfunction.


Republican Reincarnation

The GOP needs to let go of myths about its past to move forward.


Obama’s Grand Strategy

America's relative decline means that defense and social spending will have to compete head to head, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. 

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