A man exchanges Nigeria’s currency, the naira, for U.S. dollars in Lagos, Nigeria, on April 19.

Nigeria’s eNaira Is Not an Economic Panacea

After trying to ban cryptocurrencies, the country’s Central Bank has launched its own digital currency—but it won’t end the country’s foreign exchange volatility or shore up its reserves.

Cameroonian army soldiers at a polling station in Lysoka, near Buea, southwestern Cameroon, on October 7, 2018.

Cameroon’s Forgotten Civil War Is Getting Worse

Infighting among Anglophone separatists and denial by the Cameroonian government are escalating the ongoing conflict.

A street vendor hawks yams.

In Nigeria, Yam Prices Soar, and Culture Suffers

Yams mean wealth, power, and the holidays—if you can afford them.

South Africans gather at the Union Buildings.

The Death Penalty Isn’t African. It’s a Legacy of Colonialism.

Capital punishment was a tool of white supremacy designed to instill terror and cement foreign domination. African governments should abolish it.

The movie poster from 2020's remake of "Nneka the Pretty Serpent."

Nigeria’s Cinematic Witches Were Rooted in Horrifying Reality

Witch hunts against the poor and vulnerable remain a serious problem.

Nigerian politicians celebrate the country’s independence.

Nigeria’s Legislature Is Siding With Autocracy

Democracy is at risk as Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari’s power grows unchecked.

A protester gestures while holding a placard as another holds up a scarf with the colors of the Nigerian national flag during a demonstration against police brutality.

America’s Hollow Africa Policy

Washington’s focus on stability over human rights is alienating Africa’s youth.

Traffic gridlock in Abuja, Nigeria

Poor People Weren’t Part of the Plan for Abuja

In Nigeria’s carefully designed capital, urban enforcers harass ordinary citizens.

Nigerian soldiers patrol outside the Diffa Airfield in southeast Niger, near the Nigerian border, on Dec. 23, 2020.

Will the War on Terror Move to Africa?

With jihadist groups on the rise, African leaders from Nigeria to Mozambique are worried about maintaining stability.

A U.S. Cobra helicopter participates in a military exercise.

U.S. Lawmakers Hold Up Major Proposed Arms Sale to Nigeria

Senators quietly press U.S. President Joe Biden to reassess U.S.-Nigeria relations amid human rights concerns.

A protester holds a banner in front of a Biafra flag.

Nigeria’s Government Failings Are Fueling Separatist Movements

The center needs to address concerns, not arrest dissidents.

Illustration of Agbaya

Age and the Agbayas

One word perfectly captures the clash between Nigeria’s leaders and its booming young population.

A man carries a banner during a demonstration in Ojota in Lagos, Nigeria on June 12, 2021.

Nigeria’s Twitter Ban Is an Economic Disaster in the Making

A promising tech transformation may be disrupted by the president’s ego.

A woman looks at Twitter on her smartphone in Lagos, Nigeria, on Oct. 29, 2018.

Nigeria’s Twitter Ban Has a Lesson for Big Tech

The social media company faces tough questions in talks with the government to restore access to 40 million users.

An illustration representing Twitter's ban in Nigeria by Victor Ehikhamenor

Nigeria’s Twitter Ban Is Another Sign Dictatorship Is Back

A hasty and extralegal restriction has been imposed by an increasingly tyrannical president.

A soldier stands next to kidnapped girls.

Nigeria’s Military Is Part of the Problem. It’s Also the Solution.

Soldiers don’t belong on the streets—and the army is uniquely placed to pressure the government for police reforms to tackle rampant insecurity.

Yansakai vigilante members surrender their guns.

Boko Haram Isn’t Nigeria’s Biggest Problem

Bandits in the country’s northwest are terrorizing civilians, destabilizing the region, and empowering jihadists.