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The ‘Grexits’ of 2013

The four geopolitical buzzwords that could be just around the corner.


Think Again: The AmericanEnergy Boom

Yes, oil and gas made in the USA is surging. But does that really liberate us from the Middle East?


A Giant Among Giants

Glencore -- founded by famous fugitive Marc Rich -- has cornered the market on just about everything. Now that it's going public, will its ties to dictators and spies stand up to scrutiny?


The Temperature’s Dropping for Russia’s Opposition

Vladimir Putin is back in the saddle, and the weather is getting chilly again for Russia's protest movement.

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The Politics of Sorry

Six stations on the road to forgiveness -- and why there's no harm in President Obama apologizing to Afghanistan.

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How Many Ways Can We Lose in Afghanistan?

The Pentagon's process for awarding contracts in Afghanistan is bad for U.S. business, and bad for the rebuilding effort in that embattled country.

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Norway’s 9/11?

Kristian Berg Harpviken, director of Norway's Peace Research Institute Oslo, explains why the Norwegian capital might have been on a terrorist's shortlist of potential targets.