Zohra Kurji helps new mother Arj Rizvi at the lactation clinic at the Aga Khan University Hospital in Karachi, Pakistan, in October 2020.

The Loneliest Lactation Consultant in the World

Pakistan has 50 million women of childbearing age, and only one globally certified person to help them feed their newborns.

A Pakistani spectator carries a placard denouncing terrorism.

Pakistan Needs a Homegrown Counterterrorism Policy

The “war on terror” is an American idea that only made matters worse.

A.Q. Khan funeral procession

How Pakistan’s A.Q. Khan Helped North Korea Get the Bomb

Islamabad and Pyongyang exchanged technology, cash, and expertise.

Taliban fighters on a pickup truck in Kabul.

Pakistan’s Ambassador to Kabul: ‘Engagement Has to Continue’ With Taliban Government

Mansoor Ahmad Khan tells FP that Afghanistan is more stable now, and he denies any Pakistani support for the militant group.

U.S. and Pakistani leaders listen during State Department meeting.

Get the Generals Out of Pakistani-U.S. Relations

Civilian-led outreach can find areas of actual cooperation instead of mutual blame.

Women’s rights activists protest the killing of Noor Mukadam.

Can Social Media Bring Justice for Women in Pakistan?

The killing of Noor Mukadam has galvanized an unprecedented online movement.

Pakistan International Airlines plane takes off from Kabul

China and Pakistan See Eye to Eye on the Taliban—Almost

They share economic and geopolitical interests in Afghanistan, but counterterrorism could be a wrench.

Pakistani and Taliban flags fly on their respective border sides.

Pakistan’s Friendship With the Taliban Is Changing

Expect a recalibration of the relationship by both sides now the Taliban are in power.

Thousands of Taliban supporters rallied October 1, 2001 in the town of Quetta, Pakistan.

Pakistan Might Soon Regret Its Win in Afghanistan

The Taliban’s takeover in Kabul has all the makings of a Pyrrhic victory.

Pakistani rangers stand in front of the Chinese consulate.

Why Terrorists Will Target China in Pakistan

As awareness of Uyghur persecution increases and anger about Beijing’s investment projects simmers, Chinese citizens and businesses are likely to suffer.

People gather around a Taliban flag near the Pakistan-Afghanistan border crossing point in Chaman, Pakistan, on Aug. 17.

A Taliban Takeover Will Strengthen Pakistan’s Jihadis

Islamabad cheered the fall of Kabul, but the new Afghan regime will embolden domestic terrorist groups that could threaten the Pakistani state.

Asad Majeed Khan speaks.

Pakistani Ambassador: ‘Terrorism Is Our Concern as Much as It Is Your Concern’

Envoy says Washington and Islamabad now have a common interest in stopping the Taliban from exporting violence.

A Russian soldier

Post-American Afghanistan and India’s Geopolitics

The fall of Kabul accelerates a fundamental realignment that was already underway.

Chinese foreign minister meets with Taliban leader

China Won’t Repeat America’s Mistakes in Afghanistan

Beijing wants stability. That could serve some U.S. ends.

Taliban fighters stand guard.

Pakistan and the United States Have Betrayed the Afghan People

Washington ignored Islamabad funding and supplying the Taliban. Now Afghans are paying the price.

CIA black site prison near Kabul and Ahmed Rabbani

Nothing but Pitch Black Darkness

Ahmed Rabbani’s journey through the U.S. dark prison system to Guantánamo.

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