A police officer grips a corner of a torn U.S. flag at a memorial ceremony in New York on Sept. 11, 2004.

How Civil Wars Start

Three factors come into play, and the United States demonstrates all of them.

Supporters of U.S. President Donald Trump protest inside the U.S. Capitol

Why Partisan Hostility Won’t End With Trump

The U.S. political system is designed for demonization and gridlock. Countries with proportional representation and parliamentary systems promote coalitions and cooperation among rivals.

Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) take the stage for the second night of the first Democratic presidential debate on June 27, 2019 in Miami, Florida.

The Quiet and Dangerous Way U.S. Politics Is Becoming Europeanized

Americans are aware that Democrats and Republicans have become polarized—but they’ve misunderstood how.

Sébastien Thibault illustration for Foreign Policy

Let a Thousand Parties Bloom

The only way to prevent America’s two-party system from succumbing to extremism is to scrap it altogether.

Penitents crucify a statue of Jesus Christ during the Good Friday procession in Sicily on April 6, 2012. (MARCELLO PATERNOSTRO/AFP/Getty Images)

Make the Papal States Great Again

Italy’s most dangerous populists are the immigrant-hating Catholic fundamentalists of Forza Nuova.

US President Donald Trump waits for a dinner with Latin American and US leaders at the Palace Hotel during the 72nd session of the United Nations General Assembly September 18, 2017 in New York City. / AFP PHOTO / Brendan Smialowski        (Photo credit should read BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP/Getty Images)

I Would Vote for (a Sane) Donald Trump

As Republicans and Democrats abandon the middle ground, America’s two-party system is due for disruption.

A security guard patrol sthe empty parking lot of the Inland Regional Center, site of the massacre by suspects Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik earlier this month, near a perimeter fence covered with memorial items in San Bernardino, California, December 21, 2015. Enrique Marquez, who is alleged to have purchased the assault rifles used by the couple to kill 14 people and injure many others, appeared at a detention hearing in federal court today.   AFP PHOTO / DAVID MCNEW / AFP / DAVID MCNEW        (Photo credit should read DAVID MCNEW/AFP/Getty Images)

The American Soul Is a Murderous Soul

Guns make America more lethal than other countries. But getting rid of the Second Amendment won’t make Americans any less violent.

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