The Iran Nuclear Deal Has Been a Blessing for Israel

Two years on from the signing of the agreement to curtail Tehran’s nuclear program, Israel and the region are safer than ever from the threat of mullahs with a bomb.


Can There Be Peace With Honor in Afghanistan?

In an era when wars never end, America’s definition of peace needs to be defined down.


Screw Brad Pitt and the ‘War Machine’ He Rode in On

The Stanley McChrystal — and the war in Afghanistan — I knew is not at all like what you’ll see on Netflix.

Shadow Government

Trump’s Asia Policy Is More Confused Than Ever

Differences among top U.S. officials are complicating policy with the Asia Pacific community.

Shadow Government

The Maximum Financial-Pressure Strategy for North Korea

The Trump administration wants to place "secondary sanctions" on North Korea. Here's how to do it.

Elephants in the Room

The Irony of Trump’s Trip to Masada and the Hard Road to Peace

The president’s strategy for a peace between Israel and the Palestinians appears to be one of “outside in."

Shadow Government

Has President Trump Learned to Love the United Nations?

Donald Trump came into office decrying the U.N. and NATO, two organizations he now can't seem to live with out.

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