Shadow Government

The Maximum Financial-Pressure Strategy for North Korea

The Trump administration wants to place "secondary sanctions" on North Korea. Here's how to do it.


South Korea Is More Worried About Donald Trump Than Kim Jong Un

Seoul is used to dealing with an unruly Pyongyang and an imperious Beijing. But it’s the irascible American president who is imposing himself on the country's election.

Elephants in the Room

The Irony of Trump’s Trip to Masada and the Hard Road to Peace

The president’s strategy for a peace between Israel and the Palestinians appears to be one of “outside in."

Shadow Government

Has President Trump Learned to Love the United Nations?

Donald Trump came into office decrying the U.N. and NATO, two organizations he now can't seem to live with out.

Shadow Government

Trump’s Environmental Policies Are a Disaster for U.S. Foreign Policy

The Trump administration’s approach to science generally and to climate change in particular has the makings of a foreign-policy disaster.


China Is Playing Peacemaker in Myanmar, but with an Ulterior Motive

Beijing is trying to end the long-running conflicts along its border with Myanmar — but only because it can't exploit the region's resources at will anymore.


Can Good Television Beat the Islamic State?

How a Saudi television network — with a hand from Hollywood showrunners — is countering the narrative of terrorist propaganda.


Trump’s Damning Global Retreat on Human Rights

The administration has already made it abundantly clear that supporting open societies, free speech, and the protection of civilians is of little concern.

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