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On this episode of The E.R., Max Boot joins us to discuss his new book "The Road Not Taken."

Book Talk: The Retreat of Western Liberalism

Does Donald Trump’s victory cement the idea that democracy is in crisis?

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Croatia’s Far Right Weaponizes the Past

The new government includes an outspoken apologist for the country's World War II-era fascist regime.


Does the LGBT Community Have a Trans Problem?

2015 Global Thinkers Jim Obergefell and Andreja Pejic discuss divisions in the queer community and the scourge of P.C. culture


Dilma Makes Amends With the Markets

Why is Brazil's developmentalist president suddenly talking austerity and rebalancing?

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Asia’s Big Democracies Are Drowning in Campaign Cash

India and Indonesia must stem a tide of legal and illegal political money to restore their people’s trust in democracy.

U.S. Soldiers Provide Security Around Kandahar Airfield

Political-Cultural Impediments to Reform in Afghanistan

Afghanistan’s difficulties in enacting reform can be traced in part to its political culture, which is proving resistant to change.

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