People take photographs of fireworks during the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympic Games at the Olympic Stadium in Tokyo on July 23.

What in the World?

This week in FP’s international news quiz: Olympics obstacles, a spyware scandal, and a bold quarantine escape attempt.

A boy holds a Djiboutian national flag in front of a Chinese national flag at the launching ceremony of new housing construction project in Djibouti on July 4, 2018.

To Win Friends and Influence People, America Should Learn From the CCP

Beijing’s development projects are flashy, fast, and relevant. Why aren’t Washington’s?

Naftali Bennett and Yair Lapid chat.

Will Bennett Ditch Netanyahu’s Approach to the Iran Deal?

The Israeli prime minister seems to be charting a new course aimed at reducing tensions with the Biden administration in advance of a White House visit.

Ousted Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu attends a memorial service at the Mount Herzl military cemetery in Jerusalem on June 20.

Benjamin Netanyahu Is Fading Away

Unlike Trump, Israel’s former leader never built a personality cult—and doesn’t have enough diehard fans to keep his election fraud myth alive.

Members of the South African Police Service line up to receive their dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine during the vaccination drive at the Orlando Stadium in Soweto.

South Africa’s Twin Crises Are Feeding Each Other

Political chaos is worsening the third wave of the coronavirus.

U.S. Secretary of State meets with Egyptian president.

It’s Time for Biden to Get Tough on Sisi

Washington should refuse a security waiver and block $300 million in military assistance to Egypt until Cairo cleans up its act on human rights.

El Salvador's President Nayib Bukele

El Salvador’s President Is Pioneering Hustle Bro Populism

Nayib Bukele has turned Bitcoin and Twitter into political tools.

People hold Cuban and U.S. flags during a protest showing support for Cubans demonstrating against their government, in Hialeah, Florida, July 15.

Biden’s Missed Opportunity in Cuba

The U.S. president’s hard-line rhetoric belies the island’s humanitarian crisis and cedes an opportunity to shape what comes next.

Rivka Ravitz visits Qasr al-Yahud

Will Rivka Ravitz Break the Glass Ceiling of Ultra-Orthodox Politics in Israel?

One of the country’s most powerful women has remained rooted in a traditional community. But religious parties still won’t let her run for office.

19th-century Chinese rebel Hong Xiuquan and social media influencer Addison Rae.

America’s Collapsing Meritocracy Is a Recipe for Revolt

Chinese history shows what happens when an old system loses its force.

The 2020 Olympics beach volleyball stadium

What in the World?

This week in FP’s international news quiz: Olympics preparations, diplomatic visits, and the rise of TV presidents.

A group of people protest  outside the United Arab Emirates' embassy calling for the speedy extradition of the Guptas on June 10, in Pretoria, South Africa.

South Africa Needs the UAE’s Help to Fight Corruption

The Emirati government should extradite the Gupta brothers. Sheltering them risks damaging its diplomatic and financial reputation.

Pedro Castillo arrives for a press conference.

Peru’s Democracy Is at a Breaking Point

Pedro Castillo, who takes office this month, will likely face a renewed governability crisis as president.

Biden and Merkel speak to the media.

Will the United States and Europe Break Up Over China?

Biden and Merkel will make all the right noises at their meeting this week. But deep transatlantic tensions persist.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel grimaces on stage during a campaign rally on September 26, 2009 at the Treptow Arena in Berlin.

The Undeniable Pessimism of Angela Merkel

Hovering over Germany’s China policy is a cloud of gloom and fear.

People protest in Cuba.

Cuba Doesn’t Know How to Handle the New Protests

The island hasn’t seen anything like this for decades.

A poster of Mustafa Hayrullahoglu, late member of the Socialist Workers Party of Turkey, in the Bakirkoy district of Istanbul as part of a May Day rally on May 1, 2017.

Turkey’s Left-Wing ‘Squad’ Is Coming for Erdogan

A new party is betting that unabashed leftist politics is the only way to defeat the president.

Linda Thomas-Greenfield, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, speaks to the press at the U.N. headquarters in New York on March 1.

Russia Thwarts U.S. Bid to Expand Syrian Aid Corridors

But the rival powers strike a compromise that prevents catastrophic shut-off of lifesaving aid to Syrians.

Men suspected in the assassination of Haitian President Jovenel Moïse in a police car

What in the World?

This week in FP’s international news quiz: presidential condemnations, coronations, and assassinations.

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