Protesters burn an effigy of Indian Home Minister Amit Shah during a protest demanding his resignation.

Modi’s India Is Racing to a Point of No Return

Indian culture may be ancient, but its unity is rare and recent. A growing hostility to Muslims threatens to upend the world’s largest democracy.

A view of a slum area in Lebanon's northern port city of Tripoli.

Cash-Strapped Lebanon Isn’t Ready for the Coronavirus

Grappling with economic and political turmoil, Lebanon’s government is underequipped for a public health emergency.

Anti-government demonstrators rally behind barbed wire.

Lebanon Is Broken. So Are Its Protests.

The country’s protest movement knows what it’s against—but it never figured out how to achieve what it’s for.

Women look on as they stand on a roadside during a demonstration near the Jamia Millia Islamia university, that has been blocked off by demonstrators against India's new citizenship law, in New Delhi, India, on Jan. 24, 2020.

India’s Muslims Are Fighting for Their Religion. Should They Display It, Too?

As secular Indians protest a controversial new citizenship law, some debate whether they should demonstrate as Muslims first or as Indians who happen to be Muslim.

Then-Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn speaks during the beginning of the New York International Auto Show's press day in New York.

Big in Japan, ‘Le Cost Killer’ Comes Home

Carlos Ghosn’s mysterious return to Beirut is met with mixed reactions from a country in protest and peril.

Iranians gather around a vehicle carrying the caskets of the slain military commander Qassem Suleimani and others during a funeral procession in the northern city of Qom on Jan. 6.

Killing Suleimani Has United Iranians Like Never Before

Even among reformers, the fallen general was seen as a hero who stayed out of domestic politics.

Algerian protesters take part in an anti-government demonstration.

Don’t Hold Your Breath for Democratic Change in the Middle East

The region is accustomed to cycles of protest and political upheaval, so it’s better not to bank on successful revolutions.

An Iraqi protester clad with the national flag takes part in anti-government demonstrations at Tahrir square in the capital Baghdad, on Dec. 30.

Governments Can Kill Protesters—but Not Protest

The people want more democracy, even if their leaders want less.

Students attend a rally at Edinburgh Place in Hong Kong on Aug. 22.

2019: A Year of Global Protest

Even as right-wing forces took hold in many places around the world, grassroots democracy proved itself alive and well.

Protesters march during an anti-government protest.

Violence Is a Dangerous Route for Protesters

Activists’ voices have to be heard first on protest tactics.

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