Race and Ethnicity

An Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) soldier sits by a pile of weapons confiscated from Ethiopian army soldiers at the Addis Ababa racetrack on May 29, 1991.

Ethiopia’s Breakup Doesn’t Have to Be Violent

A confederation of states must choose whether to follow the bloody path of the former Yugoslavia or the prosperous model of the European Union.

Gen. Colin Powell, then chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Colin Powell Showed Black Excellence Is Not Enough

As a young man, I admired him deeply. Today, I wrestle with my own desire for justice.

Gail Omvedt stands in a doorway

Long Live Comrade Gail

A tribute to Gail Omvedt, a white American sociologist who left Dalits in mourning.

Two men check their weapons at a training camp in Myanmar.

Myanmar’s Opposition Is Forming Fragile Alliances With Armed Ethnic Groups

The National League for Democracy struggles with its history of oppressing its would-be allies.

A boy stands by a dried riverbed in Kenya.

The Racial Violence of Climate Change

It’s time to speak plainly about the deadly effects of global warming—and their unjust impact across racial lines.

Arakan protesters hold banners and flags during an anti-coup protest in Yangon, Myanmar.

Will More Ethnic Minority Organizations Join Myanmar’s Revolution?

The deposed civilian government’s bad relations with some groups undermine the unity of the anti-coup movement.

Community residents look at a poster of "Black Wall Street" in Tulsa.

How the Tulsa Race Massacre Vanished

And why it’s not enough to recover its history.

Students march in a racial justice protest

Did America’s Racial Awakening Reach IR Professors?

Nearly half of international relations scholars spent more time in class on race and racial justice—but with key demographic differences.

Indigenous Minga leave the city of Cali, Colombia

Colombia’s “Progress” Leaves Millions Behind

Black and Indigenous citizens have been excluded from the country’s narrative of growth.

Ruins in the eastern Bosnian town of Srebrenica are seen on March 15, 2019.

Bosnia Is Heading Toward Another Meltdown

EU and U.S. neglect is allowing Russia to fan ethnic flames.

Protesters gather during a Black Lives Matter protest.

Blinken Authorizes U.S. Embassies Worldwide to Display BLM Flags

A new directive comes while the United States commemorates the anniversary of George Floyd’s murder.

Palestinians in Gaza lift a banner protesting the killing of Eyad al-Hallaq and George Floyd.

How Israel Lost the Culture War

Defending the colonial project of occupation won’t work in a world where racial justice has gone mainstream.

Kwasi Kwarteng

Kwasi Kwarteng Is a Brilliant Man in a Bad Role

The Black British Conservative politician keeps being pushed forward to cover his party on race.

Members of Women Wage Peace, an Israeli grassroots peace movement, take part in a rally calling for coexistence and an end to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in Jerusalem on May 19.

Violence Isn’t the Only Story in Israel

Not all ethnically mixed cities are in flames. Here’s why some have remained relatively peaceful.

People walk past a mural showing the face of George Floyd on a section of Israel's controversial separation barrier in the city of Bethlehem in the occupied West Bank on March 31.

Does America Need a Truth and Reconciliation Commission?

Transitional justice has worked for dozens of countries with a legacy of systemic abuses.

ethiopia amhara militias tigray

Ethiopia’s Tigray War Is Fueling Amhara Expansionism

Abiy Ahmed depends on the support of ethnic Amhara leaders and militias whose goal is to reconquer what they consider lost territories—from Tigray to Sudan.

A demonstrator holds up a portrait of George Floyd.

Justice for George Floyd Has Only Just Begun

Finding Derek Chauvin guilty of murder provides Americans with accountability—not justice. Now lawmakers need to make sure the system actually changes.

Christina Oh and Lee Isaac Chung of "Minari"

Asian Americans Belong, but Sometimes It’s Hard for Us to Believe It

Oscar-nominated “Minari” is about flowering in the United States—with the aid of our elders.

People protest against anti-Asian violence.

We Don’t Have the Words to Fight Anti-Asian Racism

Tangled questions of Asian identity need answers that aren’t defined by U.S. terminology alone.

A woman wearing a face mask holds a sign during a rally to raise awareness of anti-Asian violence near Chinatown in Los Angeles, California, on Feb. 20.

Young People in China Are Losing Faith in the West

And that spells trouble for liberal democracy and Beijing’s relations with Washington.