Ron Paul

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10 Foreign-Policy Flashpoints in the GOP Platform

The Republicans will present a united front at the convention, but divisive issues are bubbling below the surface.

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President Paul

Ron Paul maybe a long shot in November, but he's America's best bet on foreign policy.

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Who Said It: Ron Paul or Ron Paul?

The Republican presidential candidate may be a party-switcher, but he's no flip-flopper.

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Campaign Manager

Can a board game really simulate the grueling twists and turns of the campaign trail?

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The Ron Paul Revolution Continues

If they continue to malign and ignore the libertarian wing of the Republican Party, GOP elders will be slamming the door on their future.


Mad Libs: War Edition

What's on the horizon for warfare in 2012? FP asked some of the world's top experts to fill in the blanks.

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Super Freaks

Meet the Super PAC that wants to fight Islam, ban circumcision, and bury people at sea.


The Debate the GOP Didn’t Have in Florida

Instead of repeating tired applause lines about Fidel Castro, here are the vital Latin American issues the Republican candidates should be talking about.