Shadow Government

How Trump’s Black and White World View Met Reality in the Middle East

Trump’s uncritical embrace of Saudi Arabia is not advancing U.S. interests — it is escalating regional tensions and instability, and providing more room for America’s adversaries to gain influence.

Shadow Government
Shadow Government

America Can’t Fix Its Problems With New Nukes

The United States is likely to get bogged down in policy disasters of its own making, and once again miss an opportunity to stabilize global affairs and secure its nation and allies.

Shadow Government

Trump’s Plan to Defeat Terrorism Is Self Defeating

The president's counterterrorism strategy appears to be a dysfunctional combination of repurposed elements of the Bush and Obama approaches infused with some of Trump’s worst impulses

Shadow Government

Trump Doesn’t Actually Care About U.S. Sovereignty

The Republicans have forsaken the planet and their role in protecting America.

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