Small Wars

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Strategic Error

When the big picture misses the point.

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This Is Not a Test

Are missile defenses ready if Iran responds to an Israeli strike?


The Next Proxy War

How the United States can use the Syrian civil war to prepare the region -- for Iran.


Salami Slicing in the South China Sea

China's slow, patient approach to dominating Asia.

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This Week at War: If You Build Up, Who Will Come?

The Pentagon may not have the resources to deter Iran and pivot to Asia at the same time.

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This Week at War: Size Matters

Why the Pentagon should be thinking bigger (literally).

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This Week at War: The Next Afghan War

Could there be a hot war between Afghanistan and Pakistan?


This Week at War: A Leaner, Cleaner Russian Army

Everyone agrees that Russia's military needs reform. But making it happen won't be easy.

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This Week at War: The Deepest Cut

The Pentagon may have way less money to work with than it thinks.


This Week at War: An Arms Race America Can’t Win

The United States has no chance in ship-for-ship showdown with China. Luckily, it shouldn't have to have one.


This Week At War: Enough Talk, Obama

Failures in Syria and Iran show the limits of diplomatic negotiation.

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This Week at War: Does the U.S. Need More Aircraft Carriers?

The Pentagon sure wants more $15 billion boats, but it may have to look for other options. 

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How will the U.S. military cope without its facilities in Afghanistan?

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This Week at War: Powerless in Kabul?

Despite the recent partnership agreement, the United States has less power than it thinks over future events in Afghanistan.

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This Week at War: The General’s Dystopia

The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff paints a grim picture of the future of military power. Will the Pentagon be ready for it?


This Week at War: Iran’s North Korea Scenario

This week's missile launch shows the possible downside of crippling sanctions.