South Asia

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson pose during a session at COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland, on Nov. 2, 2021.

India Seeks to Escape an Asian Future Led by China

A flurry of trade talks herald an economic realignment toward the West.

Hamdullah Mohib, Afghanistan's then newly appointed national security advisor, attends a ceremony in Kabul in 2018.

Former Afghan Advisor: Biden’s Withdrawal Was the ‘Tipping Point’ for Afghanistan

Hamdullah Mohib, former Afghan national security advisor, spoke about what went wrong, who’s to blame, and what lies in store for his country.

Afghan men sit in chairs alongside a building beneath a large banner advertising World Food Program and USAID food assistance.

How to Prevent Afghan Aid Money From Reaching Terrorists

Humanitarian aid must be linked to an effective independent monitoring system.

A report card is superimposed over U.S. President Joe Biden.

Is Biden’s Foreign Policy Grade A Material?

More than 30 experts grade the U.S. president’s first year of foreign policy.

Police vehicles sit outside of Congregation Beth Israel synagogue.

How Aafia Siddiqui Became a Radical Cause Célèbre

The Pakistani citizen, a U.S. federal prisoner, has attracted support from extremists around the world.

Afghan militia gather in Afghanistan.

America Doesn’t Control the Forever Wars

The slow fall of the nation-state’s monopoly on violence will shape future conflicts.

The emblem at the entry of the Afghan Embassy in Rome.

‘You’re Very Vulnerable’: Afghan Diplomats Fear Violent Taliban Reprisals

The Taliban are pressuring exiled diplomats in an attempt to take back Afghanistan’s embassies.


Afghanistan’s Diplomats Refuse to Represent a Terrorist Group

Some are working on resistance. Others, consular services. And all of them must figure out how to keep their embassy’s lights on.

A billboard depicting late Afghan Taliban leader Mullah Omar and late Afghan leader of the Haqqani network Jalaluddin Haqqani is seen along a road in Kabul.

Taliban Pressing for Prisoner Swap With U.S.

The group wants to trade an American engineer abducted two years ago for an Afghan drug lord imprisoned in the U.S.

Bangladeshi Rapid Action Battalion personnel look on from an armored vehicle during a protest in Dhaka, Bangladesh, on Jan. 3, 2013.

The U.S. Has a Police Brutality Problem. So Does Bangladesh.

Dhaka’s denial of extrajudicial killings is imperiling its relations with Washington and exposing the country’s corrupt police and undemocratic institutions.

China and the Maldives’ presidents attend a welcome ceremony.

China’s Two-Ocean Strategy Puts India in a Pincer

The Chinese foreign minister’s island hopping is the latest sign of contestation over the Indo-Pacific.

Nuns walk near the entrance of the head office of the Missionaries of Charity in Kolkata on Dec. 28.

India’s Religious Minorities Are Under Attack

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s silence on a recent spate of hate speech and violence is deafening.

A Ukrainian serviceman fires at a drone.

10 Conflicts to Watch in 2022

Battle deaths may be down, but regional wars continue to rage as great-power confrontations loom, from Ukraine to Taiwan, amid declining U.S. influence.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi

How Narendra Modi Nearly Lost His Way in 2021

India’s farmers’ protests and COVID-19 catastrophe may have slowed the prime minister’s rise.

Dozens of internally displaced Afghan families collect food in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Afghanistan’s Aid Infrastructure Is Unraveling

Famine and destitution loom, yet more aid could strengthen the Taliban.

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