South Asia

Modi campaigns in West Bengal

India’s Pandemic Disaster Has Finally Slowed Modi’s Unstoppable Rise

The populist leader is blaming everyone but himself. Voters aren’t buying it.

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken attends a press conference.

How to Boost the United States’ Most Important Partnership

Biden’s first 100 days show India is a crucial part of the new administration’s foreign policy.

Health workers arrange beds for COVID-19 patients at a care center in Amritsar, India, on May 9.

Mourning in India

Thanks to social media, grief has become collective—even as the pandemic has made it a lonely affair.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi attends a townhall meeting at Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park, California, on Sept. 27, 2015.

Forget Trump. Facebook Should Go After Modi.

Around the world, super influencers have used social media to sow chaos. Facebook’s “Supreme Court” should consider them too.

Frontline COVID-19 coronavirus warriors such as health workers, patients ambulance drivers, crematorium workers, wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) suits hold Indian national flags as part of the Independence Day celebrations in Kolkata on August 15, 2020.

COVID-19 Is India’s Great Leveler

The coronavirus pandemic has flattened the country’s social order and turned its political divisions upside down.


China Is Building Entire Villages in Another Country’s Territory

Since 2015, a previously unnoticed network of roads, buildings, and military outposts has been constructed deep in a sacred valley in Bhutan.

Billboards feature Mohammed bin Salman and Imran Khan.

Can Imran Khan Change the Course of Saudi-Pakistani Relations?

Pakistan and Saudi Arabia’s relationship is walking a fine line.

Supporters of the Indian National Congress party supported the Communist Party of India’s march during the fifth phase of legislative assembly elections in Siliguri, India, on April 13.

As Modi’s BJP Stalls, Can the Congress Party Rev Up?

Last week’s elections showed the Hindu nationalist party isn’t invincible, but the opposition will need to change tactics if it wants to stage a comeback.

U.S. President Joe Biden leaves after he delivered remarks on COVID-19.

Can Biden’s Vaccine Patent Waiver End the Pandemic?

Health experts laud a big step forward—but try explaining that to Indian or Brazilian hospitals in a deadly race against time.

A woman wearing a burqa walks past the site of a shooting in Kabul.

Afghan Women’s Problems Don’t End With the Taliban

A new U.S. intelligence assessment suggests women’s rights in Afghanistan face threats even without a Taliban takeover.

A Bharatiya Janata Party member wears a face mask at birthday celebrations for Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Chennai, India, on Sept. 16, 2020.

The End of Modi’s Global Dreams

India’s prime minister advanced a muscular foreign policy, but his mishandling of the pandemic is an embarrassing step back.

A health worker from a women's clinic in Islamabad.

The Global Gag Rule’s Long Shadow in Pakistan

Biden repealed major restrictions on U.S. foreign assistance, but anti-abortion ideology still limits crucial reproductive care in the places that need it most.

india funeral pyres covid cremation

For Indians Abroad, Talk of Home Is Terrifying

Watching a catastrophe unfold from afar has left India’s diaspora feeling angry and helpless.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi gestures during a campaign rally ahead of West Bengal Assembly elections in Jaynagar, near Kolkata, India, on April 1.

Modi Fiddles While India Burns

What’s unfolding in India is a devastating carnage precipitated by its self-enamored leader.

An Afghan man squats while a group of U.S. Army soldiers from the 82nd Airborne Division secure the local bazaar in Yayeh Kehl, near Kabul, Afghanistan, on Nov. 14, 2002.

America, the Afghan Tragedy, and the Subcontinent

Four decades of U.S. involvement in Afghanistan have left South Asia transformed—and on the cusp of a realignment.

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