South Asia

Zohra Kurji helps new mother Arj Rizvi at the lactation clinic at the Aga Khan University Hospital in Karachi, Pakistan, in October 2020.

The Loneliest Lactation Consultant in the World

Pakistan has 50 million women of childbearing age, and only one globally certified person to help them feed their newborns.

Modi and Biden sit next to each other in the White House.

It’s Time to Formalize an Alliance With India

A U.S.-India alliance would allow both countries to expand their global strength.

Rohingya refugees sit outside an area marked by police at their camp in New Delhi after a fire broke out there on June 13.

‘It’s Like We’re Caged Everywhere We Go’

Rohingya refugees in India are facing persecution yet again.

A Pakistani spectator carries a placard denouncing terrorism.

Pakistan Needs a Homegrown Counterterrorism Policy

The “war on terror” is an American idea that only made matters worse.

Bharatiya Janata Party workers gather to celebrate Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s 71st birthday in Srinagar, India, on Sept. 17.

Why Modi Is Suddenly Everywhere

After his disastrous handling of COVID-19, India’s prime minister is attempting to seize back the narrative.

Evacuees from Aghanistan sit inside a military aircraft as they arrive at the airport in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, on Aug. 22.

In U.S.-China Standoff, Is America a Reliable Ally?

Sowing doubts about Washington is a potent weapon for Beijing. But even after Afghanistan, U.S. strategy in Asia remains intact.

Matt Zeller, U.S. veteran of the war in Afghanistan

The Escape Artist

In 2008, an Afghan interpreter saved Matt Zeller’s life. Now he wants to return the favor.

Pakistani Taliban escort a kidnapper as they arrive for his execution at the Rahim Kor village near Peshawar, Pakkistan on April 27, 2008.

The Taliban’s Sharia Is the Most Brutal of All

The Afghan government is imposing punishments that have no comparison elsewhere in the Islamic world.

Onlookers watch the launch of an Indian Space Research Organisation rocket from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre at Sriharikota on Feb. 15, 2017.

India’s Space Program Inches Closer to America and the Quad

In another strategic shift, Modi has opened space activities to private companies and new allies.

People wait to get a dose of the Covishield vaccine against the coronavirus at the vaccination center of BLK-Max hospital in New Delhi on May 4.

Has the Pandemic Burned Itself Out in India’s Capital?

Why a crowded New Delhi hospital with empty COVID-19 wards is a sign of hope.

U.S. military police walk past Afghan refugees.

It’s Not Too Late to Save America’s Afghan Allies

Here are three steps the Biden administration can take today.

A.Q. Khan funeral procession

How Pakistan’s A.Q. Khan Helped North Korea Get the Bomb

Islamabad and Pyongyang exchanged technology, cash, and expertise.

Taliban fighters on a pickup truck in Kabul.

Pakistan’s Ambassador to Kabul: ‘Engagement Has to Continue’ With Taliban Government

Mansoor Ahmad Khan tells FP that Afghanistan is more stable now, and he denies any Pakistani support for the militant group.

Bangalore Tech Summit

Global Money Shifts to India as Xi Cracks Down on Tech

But the sudden flood of capital is not as good for India as it looks.

Schoolgirls in Kabul

School’s Out in the Taliban’s Afghanistan

The Taliban say modern education is of no use as the country heads toward economic meltdown and starvation.

Woman working in Indian coal mine

Why India Can’t Wean Itself Off Coal

Those who see India as a climate boogeyman are holding it to a standard they would never apply to themselves.

Laborers wearing face masks work in a garment factory in Ashulia, Bangladesh, on April 7, 2020.

Bangladesh Is Clothes-Minded

The country’s obsession with garments takes an increasingly heavy toll on the rest of its economy.

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