South Korea

Pro-democracy protest in Seoul

Biden’s Democracy Summit Success Now Depends on Allies

In Asia, the door is wide open to new partnerships bolstering democratic norms.

Relatives weep during the funeral of singer Jonghyun.

South Korea Is No Country for Young People

“Squid Game” reflects a landscape of despair.

South Korean marines participate in an exercise on the 73rd anniversary of Armed Forces Day in Pohang, South Korea, on Oct. 1.

Why South Korea’s Liberals Are Defense Hawks

Seoul’s new missile technologies have both Pyongyang and Beijing in mind.

North Korean army soldiers

It’s Time for Biden to End the Korean War

The U.S. president should ignore fearmongering and build on a real opportunity.

A scene from Squid Game.

State Department Cable Sees Echoes of Korean Politics in Netflix’s ‘Squid Game’

The dystopian series reflects a “winner-take-all” mentality and South Koreans’ economic frustrations ahead of presidential elections.

Masked armed guards keep watch over contestants during one of the show's deadly playground games.

‘Squid Game’ Hides a Hopeful Message Within a Dystopian Nightmare

Netflix’s new Korean horror drama suggests there’s more to life than the brutal realities of neoliberal capitalism.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in addresses the U.N. General Assembly.

Stalled North Korea Talks Show UNGA’s Limits

World leaders have little to celebrate on the 30th anniversary of South Korea and North Korea joining the United Nations.

North Korean missile launch

New Cruise Missile Gives North Korea Lethal Capability

The long-range weapon could strike South Korea, Japan, and U.S. bases in the region.

South Koreans walk past replicas of missiles at the Korean War Memorial.

Talk of a Nuclear Deterrent in South Korea

North Korea’s resumed activity at Yongbyon has reawakened calls for Seoul to go nuclear.

Korean refugees flee to the south.

Korea Was the United States’ First Forever War

Incompetent U.S. forces did more harm than help for South Korea’s path to democracy.

Then-U.S. President Bill Clinton uses binoculars to look across the Demilitarized Zone into North Korea with two U.S. soldiers during his trip to South Korea on July 11, 1993.

Seoul Isn’t Kabul

Withdrawing U.S. forces from South Korea is unlikely, but fresh thinking in Washington could lay the groundwork for a new security architecture on the peninsula.

South Korean athlete runs bases at Tokyo Olympic Games.

Japan Wasted a Golden Chance for Olympic Reconciliation

Tokyo-Seoul relations remain mired in bad history and petty insults.

Anthony Fauci briefs the press on COVID-19.

The Pandemic Proves Only Technocrats Can Save Us

Populist politicians love to belittle experts, but when it’s a matter of life and death, the precautionary principle and expertise are what counts.

Political leader Lee Jun-seok waves the People Power Party’s flag.

Why So Many Young Men in South Korea Hate Feminism

Loss of privilege has driven an ugly turn to the hard right.

Then-U.S. Vice President Joe Biden speaks at a business leaders breakfast at the St. Regis Beijing hotel in Beijing on Dec. 5, 2013.

Biden Opens Sneaky New Front in Trade War Against China

To understand the administration’s new stance, look to the South Korean semiconductor firm Magnachip.

A South Korean soldier stands by a Hyunmoo-2 ballistic missile system

A Quiet Sentence Gives South Korea Back Its ‘Missile Sovereignty’

Seoul had bucked for decades against U.S. restrictions—but China isn’t happy.

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