Southeast Asia

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison speaks to the media.

Australia Draws a Line on China

Canberra’s had enough of trade embargoes and Chinese grievances—and is ready to draw a line.

Filipinos hold a mock Chinese flag with a collage of the faces of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte and Chinese President Xi Jinping during an anti-China protest in Manila on July 12, 2019.

China Has Lost the Philippines Despite Duterte’s Best Efforts

Beijing’s growing aggressiveness is forcing Manila back into Washington’s camp.

Protesters against the military coup in Myanmar.

ASEAN Won’t Save Myanmar

The organization isn’t designed to solve problems—particularly not one as thorny as the post-coup unrest in Myanmar.

Protesters hold homemade weapons during a demonstration against the military coup in Yangon's Tamwe township in Myanmar on April 3.

Myanmar Is on the Precipice of Civil War

Existing conflicts with ethnic groups add fuel to the fire.

Soldiers at Clark Air Base in the Philippines.

Philippines Leaning Toward Allowing U.S. Troops After All

But the Biden administration still faces an unreliable ally in Duterte.

Peter Dutton speaks in Australia's parliament.

Will Australia’s New Defense Minister Play Bad Cop to China?

Peter Dutton stopped the refugee boats. His next job is stopping Beijing’s maritime militia.

Supporters of the Hong Kong pro-democracy protesters in Sydney.

Australia Is Under Pressure to Implement Magnitsky-Style Laws

Both Washington and the Australian public want more sanctions on China.

Protesters at a vigil in Myanmar.

Are U.S. and Chinese Interests Really Opposed in Iran and Myanmar?

Beijing is making moves to ensure regional dominance in Southeast Asia and oil supplies from the Middle East. It could be shooting itself in the foot.

People from Myanmar living in Taiwan display portraits of deposed Myanmar State Counselor Aung San Suu Kyi at a protest in Taipei on March 21.

Romanticizing Dissidents Plays Into the Hands of Repressive Governments

When it comes to Alexei Navalny and Aung San Suu Kyi, we can’t have it both ways.

Protesters wave ethnic flags during a demonstration against the military coup in Myanmar.

Protests Unite Myanmar’s Ethnic Groups Against Common Foe

The shared experience of military violence has shifted political objectives among the ethnic majority.

Malaysian politician Anwar Ibrahim waves to his supporters outside the headquarters of the People's Justice Party (PKR) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on March 1, 2020

Will It Ever Be Anwar Ibrahim’s Turn?

At 73, Malaysia’s embattled opposition leader has had the top job snatched away from him every time.

A protester places candles on the ground during a demonstration against the military coup in Yangon, Myanmar, on March 13.

Myanmar’s Coup Is Devastating for Women

The junta’s patriarchal oppression will cost more lives in Myanmar—unless the international community acts now.

A still from Pacific Rim: The Black.

Small Stories in an Age of Giant Monsters

The new Netflix show “Pacific Rim: The Black” finally lives up to the franchise’s internationalist potential.

Protesters make the three-finger salute as security forces continue to crack down on demonstrations against the military coup in Yangon, Myanmar, on March 13.

The Quad Can End the Crisis in Myanmar

Experts are overlooking the powerful influence of New Delhi and Tokyo.

Protesters sit on a barricade in Yangon.

China Finds Itself Under Fire in Myanmar

Attacks on Chinese factories could force Beijing to take a stand on the military coup.

US Secretary of Defence Lloyd Austin arrives for a bilateral meeting with Japan's Defence Minister Nobuo Kishi at the Defence Ministry in Tokyo on March 16, 2021.

U.S. Seeks to Counter China’s Full-Court Press in Asia

Top U.S. officials on trip to Asia under pressure to push back on Taiwan and maritime disputes.

Women hang traditional clothing along a protest route in Myanmar.

Myanmar’s Women Are on the Front Lines Against the Junta

Protesters are using the military's fear of women against it.

U.S. President Joe Biden talks to the leaders of India, Japan, and Australia at the Quad summit.

Quad Summit’s Vaccine Deal Is Biden’s Bold First Move in Asia

It’s a smart step to counter China, but the next ones won’t be as easy.