‘On Va Tuer Les Demons'(‘We Will Kill the Demons’)

Fear, faith, and the hunt for child sorcerers in Congo.


High-Speed Empire

Chinese rail is sprawling, modern, and elegant. It's also convoluted, corroding, and financially alarming. Wanna take a ride?

Where the Girls in Trouble Go

A dispatch from Southeast Asia's abortion underground.

The Littlest Boy

Twenty years after Hiroshima, elite American troops trained to stop a Soviet invasion -- with nuclear weapons strapped to their backs.

Photo: Jonathan Bloom

Closing the Books

Should the world's "last Nazi hunter" give up the chase?

Our Man in Africa

America championed a bloodthirsty torturer to fight the original war on terror. Now, he is finally being brought to justice.

The Disappeared

Reporting and surviving a war with no rules.

Illustration by Josh Cochran

Hack Tibet

Welcome to Dharamsala, ground zero in China's cyberwar.

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