Khalil Haqqani stands before a bank of microphones.

With Haqqanis at the Helm, the Taliban Will Grow Even More Extreme

The Haqqani network has long been the most lethal and vicious element of the Taliban.

A boy walks through buildings damaged from fighting.

America Isn’t Ready to Fight the Islamic State in Afghanistan

The jihadi group’s continued rise has left the United States with only bad options.

Taliban leaders walk toward a Moscow press conference.

The Taliban Want a Seat at the U.N.

A Taliban letter to the secretary-general sets the stage for a diplomatic showdown.

Taliban fighters pass a billboard in Kabul.

The Myth of Moderate Jihadis

The unspoken pact between Washington and anti-Islamic State jihadi groups is a short-sighted move that will reward extremists.

Afghan refugees arrive at Dulles International Airport

Throw a Lifeline to the Afghans Left Behind

This week’s U.N. General Assembly provides an opportunity to assist the minorities, activists, women, and girls still in Afghanistan.

Fighters from the former al-Nusra Front listen to a speech.

The Middle East’s Jihadis Are Copying the Taliban Model

Islamist groups are hoping that a turn to local jihad will win them international legitimacy.

Pakistan International Airlines plane takes off from Kabul

China and Pakistan See Eye to Eye on the Taliban—Almost

They share economic and geopolitical interests in Afghanistan, but counterterrorism could be a wrench.

The Italian diplomat Stefano Pontecorvo at the Kabul airport

NATO’s Man in Kabul

Stefano Pontecorvo spent his childhood in Kabul. Sixty years later, he coordinated the evacuation of 124,000 people before saying goodbye to the city himself.

Iranian Minister of Foreign Affairs Javad Zarif meets with Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar of the Taliban

Afghanistan Is a Bigger Headache for Tehran Than It Is Letting On

Iran cheered the U.S. withdrawal but is nervously hedging its bets with the Taliban.

Osama bin Laden holds a press conference.

The Taliban’s Victory Is Al Qaeda’s Victory

Afghanistan’s new rulers still have strong ties to the terrorist group that attacked the United States on 9/11.

Pakistani and Taliban flags fly on their respective border sides.

Pakistan’s Friendship With the Taliban Is Changing

Expect a recalibration of the relationship by both sides now the Taliban are in power.

Thousands of Taliban supporters rallied October 1, 2001 in the town of Quetta, Pakistan.

Pakistan Might Soon Regret Its Win in Afghanistan

The Taliban’s takeover in Kabul has all the makings of a Pyrrhic victory.

Taliban fighters stand on an armored vehicle.

In Afghanistan, It’s Back to the Future—of Taliban Tyranny

A government of mullahs and terrorists snuffs out freedoms despite talk of inclusion and human rights.

A demonstrator shows Pakistani currency notes contributed by the protestors for holy war against America and to help Afghanistan's ruling Taliban militia during an anti-US protest rally of a Sunni extremist group Sipah-i-Sahaba Pakistan (SSP) in Islamabad on September 28, 2001.

Can the West Make the Taliban Moderate?

The United States has leverage over the new Afghan government. Here’s how to use it.

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