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The World Is Winning—and Losing—the Vaccine Race

Immunization to COVID-19 is supposed to solve our problems—but it's starting to trigger even bigger ones.

A soldier runs for cover in Libya.

The End of Hope in the Middle East

The region has always had problems—but it’s now almost past the point of recovery.


The Sociologist Who Could Save Us From Coronavirus

Ulrich Beck was a prophet of uncertainty—and the most important intellectual for the pandemic and its aftermath.


China Has Two Paths to Global Domination

And a lot is riding on whether Washington can figure out which strategy Beijing has chosen.


RIP the Carter Doctrine, 1980-2019

Donald Trump has torn up a foundation of U.S. foreign policy, and is causing irreparable damage to the Middle East—and world order—in the process.

Foreign Policy illustration/Panayiotis Tzamaros/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Economists on the Run

Paul Krugman and other mainstream trade experts are now admitting that they were wrong about globalization: It hurt American workers far more than they thought it would. Did America’s free market economists help put a protectionist demagogue in the White House?

U.S. President George W. Bush after meeting with Chinese President Hu Jintao and Premier Wen Jiabao in Beijing.

The Untold Story of How George W. Bush Lost China

The U.S.-China relationship started veering wildly off track 15 years ago—but Washington stumbled badly in its response.

America Grand Strategy Foreign Policy

America Doesn’t Need a Grand Strategy

Searching for the next holy grail of foreign policy is stopping the United States from solving the world’s most pressing problems.

Foreign Policy illustration/Madoka Ikegami-Pool/Getty Images/Drew Angerer/Getty Images

The Real Origins of the U.S.-China Cold War

The only way to win the next superpower showdown is to understand what exactly caused it.

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