The Optimist

Illustration by David Plunkert

Marx Is Back

The global working class is starting to unite -- and that's a good thing.

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Linked Out

The case for sending America's unemployed abroad.

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Barriers to Entry

How opening borders gives economies a lift.

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Give Sam Walton the Nobel Prize

Why Walmart may have done more for the poor than any business in American history.

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The Case for Big Brother

A little government monitoring can be a good thing.

Illustration by Guy Billout for FP

The Convergence of Civilizations

The oft-predicted "clash of civilizations" has not materialized. If anything, values are converging across cultures.


In Praise of Slums

Why millions of people choose to live in urban squalor.

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Wealth of Nations

It's time to stop calling countries like Brazil and China "developing." They're just rich.


Dumb and Dumber

Are development experts becoming racists?

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Get an MBA, Save the World

If you want to work in international development, go work for a big, bad multinational company.


The Narco State

There's good news on the drug war: The world knows how to end it -- so why can't the United States figure it out?

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Not Too Hot to Handle

Why climate doomsayers are selling humanity short.

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Sharing the Burden

Why Africa doesn't need your white guilt anymore.

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A Better Bank

Why President Obama's curious nomination for the new chief of the World Bank could turn out to be a smart pick -- and an interesting indication of how aid lending is changing for good.


We’re All the 1 Percent

The U.S. middle class is still incredibly wealthy by international standards.

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The Trojan Paradox

If religious conservatives want to put a stop to abortions, there's no better tool than making contraception a lot more available. And there's a world of good it'll do.

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There Will Not Be Blood

Across the world, crime is down -- and in a big way. Are violent movies to thank for less real blood and gore?


Outsource Your Kid

Trying to save money on a university and still get a good education? Forget the local community college -- send your kid to school overseas.

Lunae Parracho/AFP/Getty Images

Forest Bump

The global economic crisis is good news for trees, but how can we make sure the gains keep coming?

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