Trade and Development

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China Is Cheating at a Rigged Game

The trade war is a sign of a global system gone badly wrong.

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China Doesn’t Want to Play by the World’s Rules

Beijing's plans are much bigger than the trade war.

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Economists Take Aim at Trump Trade Theory — Again

Top Trump trade advisor Peter Navarro said Monday trade deficits undermine national security, but economists disagree.


The Very Hungry Caterpillar From Hell

A nondescript pest is threatening African food stocks — and could be headed to Europe and Asia.


Trump Sours Relations With Mexico After Tariff Talk

Vague plans for an import tax would shift the cost of the wall to U.S. consumers and hurt key parts of the U.S. economy.


Trump’s New Trade Guru May Actually Be the Adult in the Room

Robert Lighthizer, a former Reagan trade official, may have the legal chops to win concessions from China without sparking a trade war.


Will Foreign Aid Get Cut on Trump’s Chopping Block?

USAID is in the dark on Trump's plans, but Republicans in Congress could be the main defenders of foreign assistance.


Trump’s Grassroots Supporters Will Likely Pay the Price of His Economic Surge

A market upswing signals the president-elect may be good for the economy after all — but mostly for the already wealthy.


After Trump’s Upset, White House Shifts to Damage Control

Obama will try to protect his policies in his final months in office, but much of his legacy will be at the mercy of Donald Trump and Republicans in Congress.

HAMPTON, VA - JUNE 15:  Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton participates in a round table conversation on national security at the Virginia Air and Space Center June 15, 2016 in Hampton, Virginia. Following the nation's final presidential primary in the District of Columbia on Tuesday, it is clear that Clinton has won enough votes to be her party's standard bearer in this fall's election.  (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

How Clinton Can Fall in Love With Free Trade All Over Again

Politics motivated Hillary Clinton’s flip-flop on Obama’s massive Pacific trade deal. Here’s how she can find her way back to supporting it.


Hurry Up and Wait: U.S. Fed Puts Off Interest Rate Hike Yet Again

The U.S. Fed, citing global concerns, puts off interest rate hike.


Here’s Where China’s Economic Slide Will Hurt the U.S. Economy

China's economic slide could have a ripple affect on the American economy. But certain U.S. sectors are more vulnerable than others.


Ahead of Friday Deadline, Conservatives Harden Opposition to the Export-Import Bank

The most conservative members of the Republican party are hardening opposition to the Export-Import Bank.


New York Stock Exchange Shut Down Adds to Rough Day for Global Markets

The New York Stock Exchange shut down mysteriously Wednesday morning.

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9 Ways the TPP Is Bad for Developing Countries

The TPP is supposed to create a level playing field for trade. Instead, it unfairly shackles developing economies.


Pelosi, the Last Hurdle to Obama’s Trade Agenda, Acknowledges Defeat

Rep. Nancy Pelosi just admitted defeat, paving the way for Obama's trade agenda.

Former U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson Visits Beijing

Xi Jinping’s Problems Are ‘Monumental’

Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson on Beijing’s massive ambitions and deep-rooted problems … plus how the Chinese president lights up a room.


The Looming U.S.-India Trade War

All seems simpatico between New Delhi and Washington. But with the Trans-Pacific Partnership on the horizon, tensions between the two are certain to boil over.


Baby Steps, Amigos

Why the economic ramifications of the U.S.-Cuba diplomatic deal are smaller than meets the eye.

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