U.S. Foreign Policy

Joe Biden views an honour guard during a welcoming ceremony inside the Great Hall of the People on Aug. 18, 2011 in Beijing.

Biden’s Dangerous Doctrine

The administration’s core foreign policy is all about confronting China—and far riskier than Washington seems to realize.

Speechwriter Ben Rhodes attends press briefing.

Generation X’s Short Arc of History

Ben Rhodes’s new book about global politics reveals the limits of the Obama administration’s worldview.

U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt on board an American warship circa 1935.

The Intellectual Foundations of the Biden Revolution

Why is there no Rooseveltian school of foreign policy? American past and future greatness is unthinkable without it.

Former U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld speaks during a discussion at the Hudson Institute in Washington.

Donald Rumsfeld, Iraq War Architect, Dead at 88

The two-time defense secretary’s hubris helped shape twin quagmires for U.S. forces.

Joe Biden hugs an attendee.

The Geopolitics of Empathy

How our understanding—or misunderstanding—of other countries’ perspectives shapes global order.

U.S. President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin speak.

Biden to Prod Putin on Syria Relief

Russia’s blockage of aid deliveries threatens to make Syria’s humanitarian disaster the worst it’s been since the war began.

Edward Said portrait

Edward Said Saw the Future of Israel and Palestine

How the literary theorist’s life and work shed light on the epic failure of U.S. Middle East policy.

Joe Biden speaks at a business leader breakfast.

What Comes After the Forever Wars

An era of U.S. grand strategy is now ending. Here’s what should come next.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti addresses a crowd of protesters opposed to Trump administration immigration policies in Los Angeles on June 30, 2018.

Why U.S. Cities and States Should Play a Bigger Role in Foreign Policy

Part of making foreign policy work better for Americans is empowering local leaders.

Jake Sullivan speaks alongside President-elect Joe Biden.

The Sullivan Model

Jake Sullivan, Biden’s “once-in-a-generation intellect,” is facing a once-in-a-generation challenge.

Blinken at NATO headquarters in Brussels

Biden Team’s Embrace of Europe Falls Short on Content

Outcomes, not optics, should be the measure of U.S. policy in Europe.

Truman gives foreign policy address during Cold War.

Biden Revives the Truman Doctrine

His call to wage a global war for freedom echoes the dawn of the Cold War.

Joe Biden disembarks at a campaign stop in Ohio.

Biden’s ‘Foreign Policy for the Middle Class’ Is a Revolution

The new administration is trying to forge a new national consensus on grand strategy that doesn’t privilege the rich.

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