The Israeli Iron Dome missile defense system intercepts rockets fired from Gaza into southern Israel on May 14.

Israel Needs Weapons to Stop Iran’s Bomb

Jerusalem needs help from Washington to prevail in a terrible conflict.

A.Q. Khan funeral procession

How Pakistan’s A.Q. Khan Helped North Korea Get the Bomb

Islamabad and Pyongyang exchanged technology, cash, and expertise.

Two men sit behind a sign on a table that reads "Iran, Islamic Republic of."

The View From Iran: What the Raisi Administration Wants in the Nuclear Talks

President Ebrahim Raisi doesn’t consider reviving the nuclear deal a top priority.

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi remotely addresses the 76th session of the U.N. General Assembly.

Iran Seeks to Fill a Middle East Power Vacuum

The United States and Israel worry the “Afghanistan effect” allows Tehran to covertly pursue nuclear capability.

French President Emmanuel Macron delivers a speech in Lens, France on Nov. 9, 2018.

No One Does Self-Interested Arms Deals Like the French

Paris’s complaints about AUKUS are remarkably hypocritical given France’s history of selling weapons despite its allies’ objections.

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi remotely addresses the U.N.

Separate the Iran Deal From Regional Security Negotiations

U.S. allies have already taken the initiative on regional issues. Insisting on a package deal could permanently derail nuclear talks.

Zeynab Serekaniye’s grave

Turkey Capitalizes on Afghanistan Distraction to Attack Kurdish Forces in Syria

Turkish airstrikes in Syria have escalated over the last month as the world concentrates on a different crisis.

North Korean missile launch

New Cruise Missile Gives North Korea Lethal Capability

The long-range weapon could strike South Korea, Japan, and U.S. bases in the region.

Israel's Defense Minister Benny Gantz (left) and Prime Minister Naftali Bennett

Israel Can Live With a New Iran Nuclear Deal, Defense Minister Says

But Benny Gantz also threatens military action if Tehran develops nukes.

South Koreans walk past replicas of missiles at the Korean War Memorial.

Talk of a Nuclear Deterrent in South Korea

North Korea’s resumed activity at Yongbyon has reawakened calls for Seoul to go nuclear.

Military vehicles carry China's DF-41 nuclear-capable intercontinental ballistic missiles.

How Finding China’s Nuclear Sites Upset Pro-Beijing Trolls

Online propaganda doesn’t help solve China’s nuclear dilemmas

Raisi at a press conference in Tehran.

How to Make Iran Trust a New Nuclear Deal

Even if Washington can’t provide a guarantee that future administrations will maintain the deal, there are other ways to bridge the gap.

Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un

The Real Lessons of the Trump-Kim Love Letters

What the 27 mostly unpublished missives tell us about the future of U.S.-North Korean diplomacy.

The Mercer Street, an oil products tanker, is shown off the Port of Fujairah, United Arab Emirates, on Aug. 3.

How Iran’s Deadly Tanker Attack Is Linked to the Nuclear Deal

Not responding to a drone attack off Oman could actually impair progress on a deal.

Los Alamos National Laboratory

Plutonium Pits Are a Critical Obstacle in U.S. Nuclear Plans

Modernization programs need to be realistic—and may be unnecessary.

Iranian president-elect attends his first press conference.

Raisi Will Yank Biden Back Into the Middle East

Iran’s new president is ruthless and seems set on putting the United States back on a trajectory of mutual escalation.

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