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Yeah, the Weather Has Been Weird

People already care about climate change -- the trick is getting them to realize it.

The Key to Saving Somalia is Gathering Dust in the British Countryside

What if there were a blueprint for climate adaptation that could end a civil war? An English scientist spent his life developing one — then he vanished without a trace.

Somalia’s Land is Dying. The People Will Be Next.

Images from the front lines of Africa’s battle with climate change.

The Convenient Disappearance of Climate Change Denial in China

From Western plot to party line, how China embraced climate science to become a green-energy powerhouse.

Forget Purple Mountains’ Majesty

With corporate interests and climate change threatening America’s National Parks, international cooperation and entrepreneurial competition might be the only thing that keeps them safe.

observation deck

It’s Time for the United States to Lean In to Climate Change

If America wants to maintain an edge against China, it has to be an environmental leader — like it used to be.

Washington’s Ministry of Preemption

To stop security breaches before they happen, U.S. intelligence agencies are surveilling everything.



Mexico City’s Last Living River

As urbanization spreads, pollution threatens a precious natural resource at the outer edge of the metropolis.

the things they carried

The Inuit Whale Hunter

The tools and techniques of the indigenous beluga hunt.

the exchange

As Environmental Catastrophe Looms, Is it Ethical to Have Children?

Two philosophers discuss the morality of family planning in the age of climate change.


Here’s What It Takes to Run Syrian Refugee Schools

The financial challenges are daunting — but Donald Trump has unwittingly spurred a wave of donations that will help educate thousands of children.


Don’t Call It Brexit Radio

Union Jack Radio was supposed to be a celebration of the quirks of British culture, from tea and scones to Mr. Bean. Then came Brexit. Then came the angry tweets.


A Secessionist Abroad

The president of Catalonia will have the vanilla.


How to Destroy the Heart of a Chinese City

Beijing is wrecking migrants' shops and lives — and the capital's spirit with them.

the final word

Thoughts from Jane Goodall on How to Save the Planet

What chimpanzees and the trees of Tanzania can teach us about battling the effects of climate change.


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