Workers walk by an Olympic billboard.

Beijing Must Face Olympic Consequences for Human Rights Abuses

Moving the Games offers a rare opportunity to weaken Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Workers pull a rope as a cargo ship carrying containers docks at the Lianyungang Port Container Terminal in Lianyungang, China on March 24.

Why China’s Supply Chains Are Breaking Down

Fear of coronavirus outbreaks and recent manufacturing struggles are causing disruptions with global ripple effects.

Members of the Taliban, all men, sit at a fancy table.

Foreign Aid Won’t Moderate the Taliban

International assistance isn’t the political lever many hope it will be.

Leaving Afghanistan

What happens to the country and its people after the forever war ends?

Shadow Government

A front-row seat to the Republicans’ debate over foreign policy, including their critique of the Biden administration.

In the Magazine

In the Magazine


Float, Move, and Fight

How the U.S. Navy lost the shipbuilding race.


Sea Power Makes Great Powers

History reveals a country’s rise and decline are directly related to the heft of its navy. So why is the United States intent on downsizing?

The Ever Given Crew Are Still Stuck at Sea

Here’s why and what their story means for other seafarers.

Indira Gandhi’s Lesson for Modi

A new account of India’s state of emergency in the 1970s takes on fresh relevance amid its ongoing erosion of democracy.

Horror Week


Germany’s Love Affair With Crime Fiction

The genre is a potent mirror for a country still coming to terms with itself.

Masked armed guards keep watch over contestants during one of the show's deadly playground games.

‘Squid Game’ Hides a Hopeful Message Within a Dystopian Nightmare

Netflix’s new Korean horror drama suggests there’s more to life than the brutal realities of neoliberal capitalism.

FRANCE - CIRCA 2002: Bluebeard, illustration by Guillon for an edition of the tales by Charles Perrault (1628-1703) published in Paris in the late 19th century. (Photo by DeAgostini/Getty Images)

How a Bloody French Fairy Tale Explains France’s Sexual Politics

The tale of Bluebeard the serial wife-killer echoes in the #MeToo movement.

A scene from Edgar Wright's 2004 zombie comedy “Shaun of the Dead.”

What I Learned About the Coronavirus World From Watching Zombie Flicks

There are terrible parallels between the pandemic and the zombie apocalypse. But don’t despair—there is hope for humanity yet.

Long Reads

Commuters head to the subway in Beijing

China’s Sham Meritocracy Has Created a Burned-Out Generation

As the government pushes productivity, young Chinese are embracing cynicism.

Elizabeth Truss arrives for a cabinet meeting.

Liz Truss, True Believer

From Brexit-skeptic to face of the “Global Britain” agenda, the new foreign secretary has always seen politics as philosophy in action.

Supporters of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad wave a Syrian flag.

The Spy Who Could Have Saved Syria

An espionage thriller presents an alternative to former U.S. President Barack Obama’s failed policy toward the Assad regime.

Rohingya refugees sit outside an area marked by police at their camp in New Delhi after a fire broke out there on June 13.

‘It’s Like We’re Caged Everywhere We Go’

Rohingya refugees in India are facing persecution yet again.

The End of Sanctions?


Sunset for U.N. Sanctions?

How the world came to depend on U.N. punitive measures and why the enforcement system is under threat—the first in a series by FP’s Colum Lynch.


‘The Worst Bloody Job in the World’

U.N. sanctions inspectors feel unsupported and unsafe.


Russia’s Sanctions Problem

Are its U.N. panel obstructions about short-term leverage, or are they intended as an existential threat to the system?


‘It Was Like Having the Chinese Government in the Room With Us’

China’s method for blocking sanctions regimes.

visual stories

Sea ice floats off a port in Ilulissat, Greenland, on Sept. 2. Mario Tama/Getty Images

The Month in World Photos

Haitian migrants at the southern U.S. border, global climate emergencies, and anti-government and anti-lockdown protests around the world.

Peacekeepers go on patrol

In Central Africa, Russia Won the War—but It’s Losing the Peace

Putin’s pursuit of influence, arms sales, and mercenary meddling in the Central African Republic has left Moscow mired in a quagmire.